Want to burn 700 calories? Jump Rope

I love jumping rope. I teach everyone I train how to and force them to practice.  It is comparable to running as a cardiovascular workout, but more fun!  One of my instructors teaching a 45 minute weight and jump rope class burned over 700 calories in her class (according to her heart rate monitor).  This  37 years old female instructor teaches this class in an interval format. Each rope round is 2 minutes in length.  There are several places throughout the city of Chicago that use jump ropes in their workouts.  My question: Are you adding it to your routine?Jump ropes are so cheap and they are a fantastic way to break up your workout.  What ever you are doing now, try adding 3-10 jump rope rounds.  It doesn’t matter if you do 50 two-foot jumps, skip on one leg 20 times or try to make it for 30 seconds.  Just try it.  Stop running every 10 minutes and jump for as long as you can, then continue on for another 10 minutes.  Do jump rope for 15 seconds in between every weight lifting set, play volleyball and after a game jump 50 times rest and do it again for 5 minutes.  Or seek out a jump rope class at your local gym.    Here are some great videos to motivate you and teach you.



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  • Want to burn even more calories? Jump bail.

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    Love rope jumping and one of these days we hope to bring Punk Rope to Chicago. Aside from the calories burned, it's awesome for general and sports conditioning, not to mention that it's fun. We just held our annual Punk Rope Games and I think you guys would have been amazed at the creativity and athleticism of folks who just a few years back hardly even worked out. You can check it out at www.punkrope.com. Hop on!

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