Letter to Costco Execs: 5 Costco items I love & 5 I need back on the shelf

Costco is awesome!  Most people I know that shop there feel the same way.  If you are a Costco executive reading this, please do not discontinue these delicious items.   These are 5 foods that I can stretch very far and they can easily be incorporated into about 10 different healthy dishes for my family.  We all have items we love that seem to only be carried at Costco.  Even the less exotic items like the Mickey Mouse chicken, the family pack of soy milk, the mega box of oatmeal, Kirkland’s baby wipes, mini packages of juice snacks I prefer to buy at Costco.  But the cous cous, pilaf multi grains, sun-dried tomatoes, kale blend and multi grain pancake mix are not in the normal grocery stores (pictures below).  Although I have found all of them online, it does not even make sense to order them because of their price and the cost of shipping.   Below are my 5 favorite items at Costco right now.

If you do the shopping in your household, you understand the disappointment when an item you use is no longer carried anymore by your grocer.  I have had my heart broken over a few discontinued Costco items.  These are mine.  I don’t have pictures, but if anyone has found any these foods on the Costco shelf please let me know.

1.  The lobster ravioli from 3 years ago.

2.  Extra virgin garlic infused Kirkland brand olive oil

3.  Farro from Earthly Delights

4.  Bison hot dogs form 3-4 year ago

5.  Case of pomegranates




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