Jump Rope Training for February’s Heart Healthy Month

I started my training career at the East Bank Club in 1994.  I was lucky in many ways when I began teaching and doing privates there – the fitness market was wide open for new ideas.  One of my favorite classes to teach at EBC was Cardio Rope Interval Training.  This interval class super-setted jump rope rounds with strength exercises or some sports drill.  The workout was a 2 minute round with 1 minute in-between. I basically followed an amateur boxer’s regiment.  The class was an hour long and had about 12-15 rounds in total.  This type of workout burned between 600-1000 calories (depending on how hard you jumped).

During that time David Fisher, the Rope Warrior ( I also buy all my ropes through him) was a member and began taking my class.  I found this funny, because he was a professional jump roper, but he loved doing straight out jump rope endurance training, instead of simply practicing his tricks.  Through this class we became friends.  He taught me tricks and how to manipulate footwork patterns to create more style when jumping rope.

I have used jump rope training to stay in shape personally and most importantly I take it with me when I travel.  My favorite times jumping rope have been poolside in Mexico and on the hotel balconies of Italy.

Here is a quick home or vacation workout you can do with a jump rope to stay in shape.  I also give you instructional tips on how to jump rope and change up your footwork pattern.  Tips are layered into each round.  Keep in mind, this is a short  routine about 13 minutes long.  You can repeat this workout to burn more calories.  I have also listed a few places you can go to do jump rope workout classes.

ROPE BURN – OYM at  1101 W Monroe , 312-733-9330, Weds at 6pm, Fridays at 12pm

Cardio Rope Interval Training- POW! 950 W Washington, 312-829-7699/ Fridays 5:00pm


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    Hi Katalin! I'd love to check out your class sometime. I'm the creator of Punk Rope, which hasn't landed in Chicago yet but we're trying. You can check out www.punkrope.com.

  • Thanks for sharing your program. It looks super fun. I like the atmosphere of the class. It is literally like PE class.

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