Is it dangerous to eat too much seafood? My 4 Top Picks

Is it dangerous to eat too much seafood? My 4 Top Picks

When I was pregnant I monitored the amount of fish that I consumed.  I tried to stick to the basic guidelines to avoid the potential of mercury poisoning.  It was a silly consideration, but when you are pregnant you think more thoroughly about things- really just way too much!    So the 3 basic criteria to follow in choosing the healthiest fish with the least contaminants are listed below.

1.  Is it high in omega 3s?

2.  Is the fishery it came from sustainable?

3.  Is the mercury levels lower than 216 parts per billion [ppb] and also 11 ppb of PCBs

Here are my top picks:

Pacific Sardines that are wild caught are probably the most affordable and healthiest of the seafood options.  They are super high in omega-3s while being high in vitamin D.

Albacore Tuna is the best of the tunas.  It is suggested by the that it is marked on the label with MSC (Marine Stewardship Council).  This indicates it was caught on a troll or pole.

Mussels that are farmed are very healthy.  They have a lot of omega-3s and one serving has almost half of the suggest daily iron.

Rainbow Trout that is farmed is ideal.  Most stores actually sell rainbow trout and not lake trout.  SInce they are farmed they are protected from contaminants.



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