Harder Abs = Harder Planks

I will admit that planks in general are really in style for trainers.  The truth is they are a really perfect exercise.  When you add dumbbells, movement, explosive actions they evolve to perfect-plus (+).  Also trendy in fitness is, ‘working the core.’  Not only doing lots of ‘core’ training, but also saying the word ‘core.’  I feel self-conscious sometimes saying – ‘do you feel your core when you do this?’ Almost like I did in the 90s asking clients if they feel the burn.

In any case, anytime you can emphasize the use of the muscles that connect the lower body to the upper body (i.e. the core muscles), you will be improving your body from the inside out.    Since so may people suffer from lower back pain, it is really in everyone’s best interest to modify their strength training routine to include some type of stability, rotation or plank work.  These three elements are the easiest ways to bring ‘the core’ into an exercise.

Here is an exercise that is popular at my gym.  I have been getting a lot of benefit out of it.  It keeps thing interesting for me and it does enhance my overall strength.


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  • Thanks! I've been looking for new strength/balance building exercises to add to my routine.

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    Cool video, great exercises. I'm going to add it to my repritore as I keep working with this program: http://tinyurl.com/7gsavyf to get my sixpack.

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