5 Vegetables to Help With Weight Loss

5 Vegetables to Help With Weight Loss

I picked these vegetables because they 5 of the best vegetable to eat for weight loss.  They are low in calories and on the glycemic index.  I have also given easy recipes for each one.  Vegetables low on the glycemic index keep your blood sugar stable, which is important because you are less likely to feel hunger pains in between meals.  When foods break down fast they release glucose quickly into the blood stream.  It is more valuable for weight loss to have foods that break down slowly which is an important part of controlling your appetite.

1.  Swiss Chard – this is such a common vegetable in the Mediterranean.  You can’t go wrong with it since there are only 7 calories in one serving.

Easy recipe:  Sauté the chard in olive oil.  I love using the Himalayan pink sea salt to season it.  Then take a can if white beans or butter beans, drain and then heat them up with a little minced garlic and a tablespoon of smart butter.  Mix the two together

2.  Watercress – it’s a great replacement to head lettuce.  Use it for salads, it only has only 4 calories in one serving.

Easy recipe:  Chop watercress, slice ½ avocado, dice 1 tbl onion, 2 diced figs and chop 5 walnuts.  Season with celery salt and then drip a high quality vinegar and olive oil.  You can always add tuna to boost up the protein.

3.  Mustard Greens – if you are tired of garlic and olive oil spinach as a side dish try these protein enriched vegetable.  There are only 21 calories in a cup and 3 grams of protein.

Easy recipe:  Steam mustard greens just enough to soften.  In a separate pan heat up sesame oil and garlic.  Toss the greens into the hot pan and salt to taste . Keep mixing it so avoid the greens from wilting completely so there is a little crunch in the them.

4.  Cabbage – this veggie is considered to have a lot of medicinal benefits.  It has actually been written up as helpful in preventing prostate cancer.

Easy recipe: I actually had this at a restaurant this summer.  Try shredding cabbage with carrots and beets and make a slaw with it.  You can use a little mayo type cream or a veganaise.  Of course go ahead and salt and pepper it.  It tastes much better served cold and not at room temperature.

5.  Asparagus– I was surprised when I was double-checking the nutritional facts on asparagus.  Can you believe that there are 5 grams of protein in 1 cup of asparagus.  It is only 32 calories.

Easy recipe:  I am going to recommend beef and asparagus in a olive oil and basic seasonings.  I really love grilled asparagus and steak fajitas with actually nothing else.  That is my suggestion.

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