5 Reasons to Eat Bison: The new healthy red meat.

If a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle is what you follow, then the title of this blog will probably upset you.  There seems to be a very well defined line in the sand between those who eat meat and those who don’t.   If you are against meat and believe it has no nutritional value for humans then my blog today is not a good topic for you.

If you are a meat eater, or love red meat and perhaps have stopped because your doctor told you to give it up, you might want to consider bison (or buffalo) meat as your once a month treat.

  1. It is taster than beef and richer in flavor.
  2. It is simply healthier than regular cow beef.   It is lower in saturated fat than regular cow beef.
  3. Bison is a great source of nutrients, it has the basics: zinc, niacin, iron, vitamin B6 and selenium.  A quick review of some important things these nutrients do:

Selenium – helps prevent cellular damage from free radical.
Zinc- does a lot- helps immune system, hair and skin health and overall cell function
Niacin helps convert food into energy for the body – all at the cellular level
Iron- carries oxygen through the body
B6- tons of value of for physical and even mental health.

4.  Bison cattle are not handled like cows.  They are mostly living in a freer environment compared to cow/cattle.  Although there are many cattle            farms that treat the cows humanly, bison seem to be cared for like the elite class of the farm.

5.  Bison is one of the leanest meats and still has a lot of protein.  But it is the amount of protein you get in bison meat, without the saturated fat               that makes this a great alternative to regular beef.

Do you want to try some?

1.      To order online give Allenbrothers.com a try.  Phone 800-852-2205

They sell 4 ribeyes for $139.95 and 16- 6oz burger patties for $99.99.

Then for local businesses you can go to :

2.     Whole Foods who is selling it at $9.95 a lb for ground and $21.95 for steaks.

3.     The Amish Health Food ( 773-278-1717) store on 1023 N Western is seeling ground boson for $11.23 a pound




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  • Bison/Buffalo are a range animal still, and as far as I know, not stuffed full of corn and antibiotics any time during their living.

    If you want to be immersed in the Bison culture, travel to South Dakota. In the Badlands, everything is Bison. You can get Bison steak, stew, burgers, soup and even jerky. The price is much less than when it is "imported" back east.

    Tastes good, too. No gamy taste, either and not a lot of fat. Sometimes Trader Joe's carries it in frozen burger form.

    Reading this, makes me hungry!

  • I love buffalo meat, but it is hard to find here in Chicago. As Richard said, it's much easier and cheaper to find it out west, so I mainly partake of it when I'm in that region. That said, I went to Fudrucker's this past weekend for the first time in over 10 years and they actually have bison burgers. It was a pleasant surprise.

  • Thanks for feedback. I love it too. In fact, about 3 summers ago Costco carried a bison dog. They were so good. I have not found them since and of course cant remember the name of them. Let me know if you ever find anything like that.

  • I love me some Bison. I find it quite easily at most Whole Foods markets... for those in Chitown.

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