The White Rice Era is Over: Meet Farro, a Perfect Grain

There seems to be a grain movement happening in America.  The white rice era is gone, thank god!  Even Chinese restaurants like Dragonfly (on Randolph) are offering brown rice instead of white.  Chicago also has several sushi restaurants playing to the health-minded customer by offering brown and black rice as an option.  One of the most delicious grains I have found recently is Italian Pearled Farro ( I buy it from Earthly Delights).  It is another ancient grain found in the Middle East.  However, today it is primarily grown in Italy.  The ‘pearled’ portion of the name refers to the process of removing the outer husk of the seed, which is great because it shortens the cooking time.

Farro has a firm chewy texture.  It looks like a fatten barley.  It has twice the protein and fiber of wheat.    It has many health benefits.  It has cyanogenic glucosides which are believed to lower cholesterol and maintain blood sugar.  Farro is close to being a perfect food, however it does contain gluten., but it is more digestible than wheat.

Here is the nutritional value at a glimpse.  I used it in stuffed peppers for tonight’s meal.  Looking forward to my many leftovers for the next couple days and all the things I will turn it into.   Adding a food like this to your menu will postively impact your athletic performance.  It’s nutritional value makes it a perfect food for performance in any sport.

Per ½ cup raw farro:

▪                170 calories

▪                1.5 g of fat

▪                0 g saturated fat

▪                0 mg of sodium

▪                34 g of carbohydrates

▪                5 g of dietary fiber

▪                2 mg of iron

▪                6 g of protein





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