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Should you buy organic? 12 most contaminated foods

Should you buy organic? 12 most contaminated foods
Is organic food really worth it?  I get his question a lot.  I believe it depends on the food.  The biggest motivation to buy organic is to eliminate foods sprayed with pesticides and chemical fertilizers.  Some people position themselves on the organic side for two reasons.  1.) Minimize their exposure of these chemicals, and 2.)... Read more »

5 Minute Breakfast: Healthy on the Go!

Breakfast is always hard to squeeze into the morning routine.  You need to be on schedule and not behind one beat to sleep as long as you can and get out the door quickly.  This is my favorite breakfast on the go.  Of course you make this with any healthy bread, like oat bread, whole... Read more »

A Little Piece of Me Was Made From This. And it’s not sugar and spice!

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Can something you saw when you were a child still bring you the same motivation and provide you with the same aspirations when you are 40?  I am 40, married with 3 kids.  Regardless of what I do for a living, I often find myself looking back on things from when I was a kid. ... Read more »

My Kid’s Jedi Training Birthday Party: Will George Lucas come after me?

The masks really added a great touch.  The girls loved them!
We all know that George Lucas protects the STAR WARS franchise like a mamma bear with its cubs.  His efforts are justified. But I found myself worried about violating the trademark issues when I was creating a Jedi Training STAR WARS theme party for my 5 year old.  First of all, I wanted his STAR WARS themed birthday to be active.  I didn’t want to rent a place for an open play and just buy STAR WARS plates and call it a day.  Not to mention, I didn’t want to spend more than a $200.   My son and I wanted the kids to really role-play and participate in a training session that makes them feel powerful, agile and of course exhausted at the end.  So I did my party at my business POW! Kids in the West Loop. Although we offer a lot of cool things for kids, we had never done a STAR WARS thing...

5 Best IT Band Exercises

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Here my favorite 5 exercises to strengthen the IT Band.  They are not all specifically IT band exercises, but they are for the overall health of the IT.  These 5 exercises are my top 5 for keeping the IT band healthy.  Most articles on the IT band always reference runners. The truth is anyone with an athletic hobby that has a lot of repetitive movement should be incorporating these exercises...

The White Rice Era is Over: Meet Farro, a Perfect Grain

I buy this big bag at Costco.  They carried over the last two summers.  I missed it so much last winter that I ordered it online through amazon.  It was so expensive compared to Costco's bag.  I bought it as Christmas gifts.
There seems to be a grain movement happening in America.  The white rice era is gone, thank god!  Even Chinese restaurants like Dragonfly (on Randolph) are offering brown rice instead of white.  Chicago also has several sushi restaurants playing to the health-minded customer by offering brown and black rice as an option.  One of the most... Read more »

10 Reasons to Workout While Pregnant

Exercise is very important while pregnant. There are so many safe exercises you can do while pregnant.  I have had three kids and I exercised regularly through each one them.  I was very committed to the routine of exercise and it paid off at every phase during pre the pre and post-natal phases.  Of course,... Read more »

Chicago Hosts National Karate Tournament this Weekend

Chicago’s Hyatt on Wacker hosted for the second time, the 47th AKA Grand Nationals this weekend.  This highly respected martial arts tournament offers karate, kung fu, tae kwon do and various other styles the opportunity to compete.  What is amazing about martial arts tournaments is that all levels and ages group compete in the same... Read more »

Best Low Fat Quiche

I love quiche for so many reasons. It tastes good cold and warm.  It is also delicious for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  But quiche is so high in saturated fat and calories that I use to have a hard time justifying making them on a regular basis. Most recipes for making quiche require about: ½... Read more »

Easy Healthy Winter Beef & Vegetable Stew

Once you have added the beef broth, tomatoes and about 2 cups of water to the crock pot throw the meat in.  Begin seasoning with celery salt, pepper, bay leaves and an Italian blend.  Of course add wahtever you like - hot sauce, chilli whatever.  I first allow the meat and juice to cook on high for a couple hours.  Then dump all the veggies and potatoes in.  Give it about 4-6 hours total and taste.  Continue to season it as you like.
There are so many healthy winter stews.  Of course one could argue that beef stews in general are not healthy because they are made with fatty beef.  I have made this stew with diced tenderloin.  And although the meat is delicious, the flavor is not as good as when you use meat that has a... Read more »