5 Weirdest Recipes

5 Weirdest Recipes

Without testing whether you could be a contestant on Fear Factor, I have come up with 6 of the weirdest recipes.  I realize I could find exotic dishes that include ingredients like larvae, brain, insects and so forth; but it is just simply too obvious.  I’m not interested in grossing you out or presenting you with something you will probably never make.  I wouldn’t make anything that included ground dwellers or creepy crawlers.  So instead of giving you ingredients that came off of an episode of Survivor, I have a list of ridiculous recipes.  Yet, somehow they are intriguing.

This list amounted itself because I was on a quest to find recipes for a zucchini chocolate cake to replace the one I lost.  As I was reading through recipes I kept discovering the oddest food combinations.  I would not say they made me hungry while I read through them, but I did sit trying to figure out how the ingredients may taste once put together.  I am curious if you have ever made these dishes below. If you have or plan to, please let me know.  And if you happen to have a recipe for chocolate cake that is made with zucchini send it my way.

1. Turkey stuffed with Twinkie

2.  Pickled Pig Ears

3.  Cheetos Chicken

4.  Sardine Muffins 

5.  Sauerkraut Cupcakes










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