Pocket-Sized Massage

We all wish we could have someone massage us every day.    While attending the Club Industry show at the McCormick Place this past week, I came across so many innovative products for the health and fitness industry; but one of the my favorites was a handheld device for massage.  This clever gadget  is called the MOJI 360 Palm.  There are several ways you can alleviate stress or cramps in your muscles.  Many people try rubbing their calf on a tennis ball or ask someone to dig their elbows in their back.  As a trainer, I am always helping to lengthen muscles with assisted stretches, and rubbing out tightness in hamstrings, lower back and IT bands.

When I saw the MOJI 360 Palm I knew right away it was going to make my job a little easier.  This pocket sized dynamic massaging tool can work on any area of the body.  It is only 6 inches by 2 inches and has a flexible frame.  It fits comfortably on my hand – which is small and requires a lot less muscle to rub out a cramp in the leg or to release tension in the lower back.   I have already used it on myself and with a couple clients since Friday.  It is an amazing buy for only $29.99.  If you want to carry a massage in your pocket you can order it online by clicking here.

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