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Get Healthier in 30 Days: 10 Misconceptions About Food

a.	Soda being worse than juice and water is self-explanatory—it’s empty calories with tons of sugar and a splash of corrosive acids (cola’s). 
b.	Water is better than juice because juice is basically soda. Often times sugar is added to the juice and as well as other unpleasant ingredients.
I want to talk about restaurant/grocery store alternatives. If you can get these 10 tips clear in your head when choosing your groceries and menu items you will be healthier in 30 days.  Make these changes and become the best version of yourself.  You will begin to lose weight, feel better and have more energy. ... Read more »

Start Losing Weight This Week. 7 Day Diet Breakdown for Weight Loss

Start Losing Weight This Week. 7 Day Diet Breakdown for Weight Loss
I can remember on several occasions as a kid that mom was right (A LOT!).  Moms tell us that are eyes are bigger than our stomachs and it is no lie.  Enormous portions may reflect how we feel we have gained a value, but the truth is most portions we receive at a restaurant could... Read more »

Latest Trend in Yoga: Acrobatic Yoga Has Hit Chicago, FREE class Tonight, Tuesday, October 4th

Acrobatic yoga is an amazing practice that builds core strength, flexibility and joint stability.  It is an evolved application of yoga.  I find it to be quite athletic.  In fact I like it because makes yoga more athletic.  I have taught and practiced yoga since 1996.  I have tried all types and everyone’s system of... Read more »