I Found the Perfect Almond Butter

I Found the Perfect Almond Butter

Barney Butter  – Almond Butter It’s Kosher, Glutten Free, Vegan & Peanut Free

Almond butter is not always a perfect replacement for peanut butter.  It is hard to find a brand that gives you the smooth texture of peanut butter and honestly gives you the sweetness that is deeply satisfying,   Then if you are allergic to peanuts only, it is hard to find products that are made in factories with no peanut exposure.   If you use peanut butter as a source of protein like I do, but wish you were having a little less saturated fat you should check out this almond butter by Barney Butter.  I found this product while attending the Club Industry show this weekend at the McCormick Place.  This is one of hte favs from the show.

It is yummy and creamy almond butter, but my favorite part  is its packaging.  It is now available in individual serving size squeeze packets.  It is 100% natural and of course peanut free.  This sounds odd if you know people that are allergic to peanuts.  But it is actually made in an almond only facility.  So if peanuts are the specific allergen, than this might be a good option for you.  It is made in the US, and the texture is super smooth.  It is about 180 calories, 8 g of carbs and 6 g of protein.  Of course it has no trans fat, but it does have 15 g of total fat, but  only 1.5 % is saturated.

So how it is exactly made?

They blend Marcona almonds, which are the most naturally sweet almond.  Almonds already have about 2 grams of sugar naturally in them, so they only added one more gram to sweeten it a bit more.  They add palm oil so that the product stays smooth and does not need refrigeration.  The other tasty ingredient is sea salt.    So it has about 400 mg of sodium.  But honestly without the sea salt it would not ‘pop.’  It would be kinda ‘blah’ in your mouth.

As soon as I got a sample of the Barney Almond Butter I added it to my yogurt.  It was a perfect mix.  The convenient little squeeze packs and taste makes it a thoughtful product that solves a lot of my hunger dilemmas.  I have kids that make a mess and I don’t always think through packing disposable knifes when I bring any nut butter with me on a picnic or outing.  I also, have short blocks of time when I am teaching to eat a snack and my schedule sets me up where I am teaching for 4-8 sessions in a row.   When I am hungry I just want food to survive and the less I need to think about it the better.  These squeeze pack will be available at Whole Foods and have become a top item on my grocery list.  It runs about $11 for a small box of 24.

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