Exercise of the Week: Knee Tucks on Pulley Straps

Core, core, blah, blah.  Everyone is talking about how their core is worked.  I don’t mean to be sassy about it.  But the truth is, if you are properly doing any athletic movement, your core/abdominal area should be involved.  There really isn’t a sports movements that eliminates the muscles in your abdominal area or lower back.  Here is an exercise that does incorporate all the muscles that fall between your hips and your shoulders.  It is my intern’s favorite exercise.  Piotr is an intern from UIC.  As an educational internship location for the UIC Department of Kines, I benefit from having a super educated young fitness professional around.  Here is his pick of the week.

Exercise of the week: knee tucks on a suspended pulley. The tricky part of this exercise is getting set up—you might need a partner to assist getting your legs into the straps. Once your legs are in, you proceed into a push-up position with your legs together (never separating during the move). Then you tuck the knee towards the chest. You can also tuck to the side to target the oblique’s. This is a rather difficult exercise so do as many quality reps as you can until your form starts to fall apart. This is a great exercise to develop core stability and endurance while improving hip flexion strength.

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