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Don't Lie to Yourself: 10 Fitness Facts

Make no mistakes about it, this is all true. If you are a lawyer or a detective, no one can not escape the facts.  A lot of people want to find quick fixes, magic potions, the newest supplements and teh easiest diet.  But the truth is, if you accept these 10 facts, and then proceed... Read more »

I Love Science: Dried Plums Prevent Fractures

If I tell you to eat dried plums, will you tell me I sound like your grandparents?  A group of researchers from Florida State and Oklahoma State University conducted a study on post-menopausal women and found that consuming dried plums can prevent fractures and osteoporosis.  I know this sounds like it is coming out of... Read more »

Is Sex like Pizza? 5 Exercises for Better Sex

Balancing on One Leg
I am not sure that I agree with the phrase, ‘sex is like pizza.’  Bad pizza is still pretty good.  But bad sex is really just awful.  Great pizza on the other hand is worth every calorie.  And great sex significantly improves everything – your physical and physiological health.  So I am thinking, I will... Read more »

Core Strength: Exercise of the Week

If you  are bored of push ups and plank holds, spice up your core training with this exercise.  You can do this exercise with a single cable that allows you to control or adjust the height of the cable head;  or, use a machine like the one in the photo.  I am at iFitFitness in... Read more »

5 Foods to Make You Smarter

Green Tea’s antioxidants offer long term health benefits.  It is actually the EGCG that protects the brain by helping to prevent protein from building up on he brain
Ready to be smarter this week?  Did you realize there are foods you can eat to make your brain function improve?  The cerebrum, the largest part of your brain stores a lot of information.  It gets accessed when we are recalling and controls so many of our overall mental and physical capabilities.    We have two... Read more »

20 Min. Backyard Workout for Moms & Dads: Best Home Exercise

It is hard to squeeze workouts in when you are at home all day with the kids. I think a lot of moms feel conflicted by the joy they feel when their kids go down for a nap. Or that after breakfast you keep looking to see if it is almost nap time. When naptime... Read more »

Exercise Helps Cancer Patients in Many Ways, Twist Out Cancer at the Hideout on 8/11

I recently wrote about training Jenna Benn.  She is a cancer survivor.  She came to me because the treatment she was undergoing made her feel weak and deteriorated.  Most know this to be the expected experience for those going through chemo.  But Jenna desired more than just bigger muscles or to regain the ability to... Read more »