Is Sex like Pizza? 5 Exercises for Better Sex

I am not sure that I agree with the phrase, ‘sex is like pizza.’  Bad pizza is still pretty good.  But bad sex is really just awful.  Great pizza on the other hand is worth every calorie.  And great sex significantly improves everything – your physical and physiological health.  So I am thinking, I will take great pizza, followed by fantastic sex.

There are doctors out there that say that, “sex boosts chemicals in the body that protect against disease.”  This is what Paul Pearsall, PhD’s book Superimmunity says.  I am not sure that I believe him.  I do not think my immune system would improve from bad sex!

Sex, at least great sex is an act of endurance.  Perhaps, not in the marathon-defining sense of the word.  Meaning, a competitive marathoner is out there for 3 or 4 hours.  But cardiovascular exercise and high rep strength training is needed to have the potential for great sex (I am not forgetting skill).  Sex requires steady intensity, mental focus and repetitive muscular output. Why you must ask, cardio and muscular endurance and not raw power? Because anaerobic training is only going to give you a significant output for short bursts of time, less than a minute or so. That is not good for anyone!

So if getting fit for sex is something you are interested in, add these exercises and stretches to your program.  Remember this is a situation when anaerobic threshold will bring you no compliments.

1.  The butterfly stretch.  Come on now. Stretching is so important.  This is a completely applicable position that many struggle with.  Inner thigh or adductor flexibility is an asset in the sack.  If you can be comfortable in this position, you will be able to relax more easily and enjoy more thoroughly.  This is a great stretch to do at bedtime, at sunrise and before it is g-time.  Nothing worse that sex injuries – you can’t really explain them at work.

2.  Pushups.  Never under estimate the value of push ups. They build strength through the entire body.  They will serve you well in many positions.  But get your sets up to 20, 30 reps.  Women you too.  You need this upper body and core strength in order to hold your own.  On your toes or knees, start increasing your reps.  No sense in having noodle arms.  Pushups will empower you in many ways and you will get compliments on your shoulders.

3.  Pelvic bridges and lifts.  This seems like a lame exercise to suggest.  But the truth is, it is ideal for preventing lower back pain and having good sex.  Pelvic bridges do activate the kegels or sex muscles. These are the muscles that comprise the pelvic floor.  We all need them and use them.  They are the very interior muscles you use to control your urine stream.  Sorry if that took you out of the moment for a second,  but you need to know exactly which muscles I am talking about.  When you do these exercises, flatten our belly and pull your belly button down towards your spine.  They will build strength and stability in the lower back and pelvis.  You do not want to collapse when in action. You don’t want anyone humming London Bridges Falling Down cause you can’t keep your bridge up.

4.  Squats of all sizes.  Squats are like pushups.  There are so many variations and they are all great exercises. If  awesome pizza progresses to passion you may transition through a squat hold or two.  But squats come in handy for both people.  You may be the squat holder or the deep squatter.  Do not let leg cramps ruin great pizza. Do them with kettlebells, medicine balls, dumbbells in sets of 30 and 60 seconds.  Don’t forget, lots of sets. Nothing worse than saying, ‘my legs are too tired.’

5.  Balancing.  Single leg balances happen a lot.  If you are ever experiencing a location other than the bed, you will probably have a leg up. And, I do mean that literally.  A leg up means you are on one leg.  Please don’t think I am crazy – I am not talking cirque-style sex.  Just simply one leg is up on something other than the ground.  Try a little kicking as part of your workout.  Or do your basic dumbbell exercises like bicep curls, shoulder presses on one leg.  Another great exercise is single leg jumps in intervals of time, similar to a lay-up (both do both legs).

How you found this useful, I am ordering Lou Malnati’s and going from there (damn I still need a sitter)!  Guess they are going to bed early tonight.


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  • Picture #1 is not balance if the man is holding her up in that manner.

    Your pictures suggest something about which I have always thought at the fitness center, i.e. whether pelvic bridges would be much more effective if a man was on top of the woman doing it. Especially if the woman is using a fitness ball under her hips. However, I don't want to get arrested for assault.

  • In reply to jack:

    "Picture #1 is not balance if the man is holding her up in that manner."

    ^^^ this is what really stood out for you, jack??

  • In reply to gwill:

    Go get a stack of Bibles and swear to me that you didn't notice that. Unless your preference is to another area of Chicago Now.

  • In reply to jack:

    Now, Now, Boys, We all have valuable observations. She's the one that needs balance. I am sure both feet are not firmly on the ground in picture #1.

  • In reply to jack:

    I dont want you to get arrested either. What you didnt tell me though - is if pizza is like sex?

  • Possibly only if it is Lou Malnati's deep dish. I would say Uno's, except they are now under the control of Bostonians.

    Flat pizza is not. Apparently Giordano's leads to mental difficulty, at least for the ownership when it went into bankruptcy and couldn't get out. Was that attempted interruptus?

    With Mary Mitchell reporting that the owners of Moo 'n Oink are trying to sell the business because its customers with high blood pressure no longer eat pork, I guess hand cleaned chitlins and hot links do not help sex drive, either.

  • Thanks for the titillation er uh motivation.

  • I like this a lot! Any and all yoga is always good for prepping for the "good pizza" too!

  • WOW! Okay, I have now, without a doubt, officially found my motivation for running back to the gym and my trainer! THANK YOU!!!

    p.s...I need too work on those butterfly stretches. I think they would help out a lot while on top or the "cowgirl" position as it called. Would they?

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