I Love Science: Dried Plums Prevent Fractures

If I tell you to eat dried plums, will you tell me I sound like your grandparents?  A group of researchers from Florida State and Oklahoma State University conducted a study on post-menopausal women and found that consuming dried plums can prevent fractures and osteoporosis.  I know this sounds like it is coming out of left field, but they really did test two groups of women.

Group 1: They ate 10 dried plums (or 100 grams ) a day for  a 12 month period.

Group 2: They ate 100 grams of dried apples a day.


Group 1 had significantly higher bone density than group 2.  This bone density measurements were taken of the ulna (the long bone in your forearm) and the spine.

So why would dried plums have this effect?  According to the researchers, dried plums suppress the rate of bone resportion or the actual breakdown of the bone.  This is a significant finding because when you age, the breakdown of the bone is often higher than new bone growth.

About 8 million women and 2 million men in the US have osteoporosis.  Anyone with a mother or grandmother over 50 should ask them if they have recently had their bone density measured.  I find this study relevant because it was a not done on lab rats.   I will take dried plums over prunes.  They are much sweeter and tastier.

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