Exercise Helps Cancer Patients in Many Ways, Twist Out Cancer at the Hideout on 8/11

I recently wrote about training Jenna Benn.  She is a cancer survivor.  She came to me because the treatment she was undergoing made her feel weak and deteriorated.  Most know this to be the expected experience for those going through chemo.  But Jenna desired more than just bigger muscles or to regain the ability to do pushups.  She needed to feel internally powerful, mentally strong and a higher level of spiritual dexterity to continue treatments, while working and being isolated from her active lifestyle.

When the time was right, Jenna began training in a mixture of martial art.  So she practices punching, kicking, knee strikes and all the other awesome conditioning elements that go along with POW’s training regiment.  She is awesome at it.  Honestly, she really should have started earlier in life.  She seems to embrace the fighter energy and the focus required to train.

The martial arts is an amazing form of exercise and therapy for an individual fighting cancer.  Of course any form of moving is amazing.   Jenna discovered this early on in her treatment and  training at POW.  Jenna wants other cancer patients to feel empowered by moving and has now organized an event called Twist Out Cancer.  It will take place at the Hideout next Thursday, August 11th starting at 7:30pm.  There will be music and games. The cost in advance will be $25.00.  All the money will go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  The LLA provided the funding that developed the drug Ritixum which is responsible for saving Jenna’s life.  For more details click here.

To purchase tickets online go to http://www.hideoutchicago.com/event/41343/

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Laser Love and the Heated Heat http://www.facebook.com/laserlove
Deanna Neil on the Ukele http://www.deedeebird.com/live/
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Jonny Imerman, Founder of Imerman’s Angels http://www.imermanangels.org/
Anthony Ponce, General Assignment Reporter, NBC5


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