20 Min. Backyard Workout for Moms & Dads: Best Home Exercise

It is hard to squeeze workouts in when you are at home all day with the kids. I think a lot of moms feel conflicted by the joy they feel when their kids go down for a nap. Or that after breakfast you keep looking to see if it is almost nap time. When naptime begins, the list of things to do is long and it is hard to figure out which should really be the priority. These priorities change like the direction of the wind in Chicago when it is naptime. I think most parents have the same priorities on their list: clean up the kitchen, vacuum, continue the laundry, return calls, read a book, finish up a work project, workout, nap, pay bills and so forth. The placement of these tasks on a top ten list changes hour to hour.

I admit that I struggle between letting the house wait and getting other things done like working out, reading a book, calling a friend back: things for me. When I do decide to do a workout, I really make the most of it, even if I only have 20 minutes. I can turn most environments into a challenging workout setting, with total body circuits. Here is a 20-minute workout routine that uses a background swing set and integrates my youngest kid. The goal of the workout is to build strength, sculpt the arms and legs and enhance core strength. The routine is a great example of simply making due with what you have available. I have a handful of these types of routines, many of them use playful running drills to get my heart rate up, chasing, jumping, lunging all over the park or yard. This was the easiest to shoot and I hope you find it useful. If this is not the exact setting you have available, use it as motivation to create a workout circuit in your back yard or at the park.

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