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Low-Fat Vegan Cole Slaw

As I mentioned I am on vacation with family and friends in Wisconsin.  By the way, the best time I have had in Wisoconsin in years.  The weather has been perfect and the kids have been magnificent. The friends Steve and Yvette come every year -2-3 times to vacation with us.  They have grandids the... Read more »

Perfectly Grilled Zucchini

I have been on vacation in Wisconsin for a week now.  The first time I have taken 8 days off of city living and work.  It has been great.  We have  a local store called Charlie’s General Store where we are staying and they have had wonderful zucchinis from a local farm.  Grilled veggies do... Read more »

AcroYoga, My First Lesson

I tried AcroYoga for the first time today. AcroYoga is a partner based physical activity.  I believe it is more appropriate for an individual who has done yoga, gymnastics or circus sports.  There are seven elements to the practice of AcroYoga: Circle ceremony The asanas- poses Partner flow Thai Massage Therapeutic flying Inversions Spotting Partner... Read more »

Rats Reveal 'IL-15R',New Undetectable Doping Regiment for Athletes

Tejvir S. Khurana, MD, PhD, Professor of Physiology at Pennsylvania Muscle Institute revealed that there is a gene, or lack of gene that is responsible for muscular endurance – in mice that is.  Mice without the gene codes for a protein (Interleukin-15 receptor alpha – what a name) were able to run 6 times longer... Read more »

1 Hour, 3 Healthy Meals & 1 Snack for Family of 4

Not every day allows everything to go according to plan.   Meal planning often requires the stars to be in perfect alignment.   If you have kids, you struggle with feeding them healthy foods.  Even without kids, many find it challenging to cook healthy and eat appropriately.  Truth be told, I shoot for 4 or 5 days... Read more »

North Ave Beach Offers My Favorite Summer Sport: Paddle-Boarding

Are you looking for a fun activity that offers you a peaceful experience? Try paddle boarding. I did a paddle-boarding event this weekend at North Ave beach. It was part of our summer social event for my members at POW! MMA & Fitness. It started with a beach workout at 10am and transitioned into a... Read more »

5 Fitness Products Not Worth Buying, 5 Tips to Choosing the Right Fitness Equipment/Programs

We all try new products, diets and programs to help us obtain our dream body.  Many want the least amount of effort to achieve these dreamy results.  But you need to be careful if you tend to look for the latest fad, instead of applying yourself to a straight workout.   So what are some differences... Read more »

Beetroot Juice Found to Improve Performace in Endurance Athletes

It is amazing to think that so many sports separate winner’s from loser by seconds or even a handful of seconds., a fabulous resource for the latest in scientific studies relevant to the athletic fields, has recently reported that Beetroot Juice is being taken by Tour De France cyclists to make their competitive edge... Read more »

Training Jenna Benn, An Imerman Angel, A Cancer Survivor

Cancer’s got nothing on Jenna Benn. I started training Jenna Benn this year, a woman I met through my brother Alex.  She was once his roommate.  Jenna and I got along immediately when we met many years ago.  She smiled big, welcomed me over and took an interest in getting to know me.  Jenna has... Read more »

A Memorable Dish for Your 4th of July BBQ Party

I start with rubing garlic into the salmon.  I just wanted to show you how much garlic I use.  Then I sprinkle it with my pink sea salt.
It is nice to be known for a dish that is healthy and delicious.  It is better to be known for that great salmon or amazing rice dish at a BBQ, than the person that brought hotdogs or frozen burger patties.  I know that might sound harsh, but I am not the person that brings... Read more »