The Biggest Loser Makes BIG Mistake & I'm Pissed Off


Rulon, 1st season, 474 lbs

It is embarrassing that The Biggest Loser has chosen Anna
Kournikova to replace Jillian Michaels for next season.  I cannot believe the number of writers
who have reported this as a good idea. 
I think it is bull-shit! 
Writers tout Kournikova as a great choice.  They mentioned her athletic career , how she debuted in the
U.S. Open at 15 years old and how she was
named Hottest Female Athlete in 2002. 
And yes, she has worked out.

Big DEAL!  So
let’s evaluate this for a moment. 
She was at the peak of her professional athletic career at 16 ish years
old.  So assuming for a moment she
was also responsible for her athletic performance-training program, her
knowledge is not only subject to the intellect of a teenager, but it is also
dated by a decade.

Let’s assume she has continued to workout out while earning
Hot Athlete Award , doing magazine covers and so forth.  She has been hiring trainers to help
her maintain the already amazing and gifted physique she has.  And yes, I understand she has been
playing tennis too all this time. 
Maybe she even went online and got a certification in fitness, I am not
sure – But really, replace Jillian Michaels.  Michaels is known as the Head Trainer for The Biggest Loser.  Jillian and Bob Harper design and guide the show’s contestants- sorry contestants
with a life threatening disease while their bodies transform.

Perhaps you feel I am over reacting.  But a fitness professional is first and
foremost a professional in the health and wellness industry.  We don’t just smile, count reps and say
“good job.”  Jillian and Bob
understand each time when they train The Biggest Loser men and women, that
many of them suffer from diabetes, that they may be taking beta blockers for
high blood pressure, that several probably have a poorly functioning thyroid,
that their legs most likely have extreme varicosity.  Not only does a qualified & skilled trainer know this, but
they also know the health implications of these other diseases, symptoms and
discomforts and how they impact an obese person while working out.  Their experience tells them how to push
appropriately as to help them reach their goals, without compromising their
health or contributing to one of these aforementioned complications.

rulon_060.JPGJillian and Bob furthermore understand exercise
prescription, movement biomechanics, rehabilitation (which all the contestant go through) and injury
management.  They skillful have
designed 100’s, perhaps 1000’s of programs before reaching their Big TV debut.

I realize that the show has a large supporting health staff.
 Regardless of the show’s
supporting medical staff and perhaps fitness staff, I am confident these people
have more on their resume than accolades like: Hooters Calendar Girl of 2004,
USC Team Captain for Cheerleading Squad, 2008 Olympic Team Alternate for Track
and Field.    My point
being, that many of us have amazing resume boosters in the fitness industry,
these are generally the accomplishments that drive us to pursue careers and
education in the wellness fields. 
But they are not what makes us qualified to be responsible for a
client’s body and health.  And the
greatest trainers and fitness professionals know how lucky they are to
influence, transform and alter the lifestyle and bodies of their clients in
just 2-6 hours a week . 

The_Biggest_Loser_S09_E05.jpgThe Biggest Loser franchise has done an amazing thing for
America’s obesity problem.  It has
skillfully provided motivation and direction for all people over weight – that
CHANGE can happen today. You do not need to be fat. You do not need to live
with a life threatening disease called obesity.  The show’s intention is so altruistic. What are the producers thinking?  Kournikova brings nothing to the table.  If Barbie is what you want, fine, then hire one of the many qualified, beautiful, experienced young women in the fitness industry (I see many of the them when I present at fitness conferences) that are tall, thin and blonde.

Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper have helped to heighten the
awareness for Americans to realize that obesity is the leading cause of
preventable death
in our country.  
These two highly qualified fitness professionals do a brilliant job of
transforming the show’s contestants. 
They provide more than their own style of motivation.  Their approaches are a reflection of
their personality.  But make no
mistakes about it -they are true health and fitness professionals.

One more thing, (that my husband reminded me of) after watching 20/20’s fantastic special last night on the Reality of Reality Shows and their stars, I realize now that those athletes like, AK who really didn’t accomplish anything significant as a professional athlete or contributory in a field like wellness/health can have a more successful career in reality tv.  But I feel sorry for this fall’s participants who need educated leadership, guidance, guardian angels to bring them through the most life altering experience they will ever encounter.  Remember losing 100’s of pound is god-sent, a mitzvah , vida suerte – what ever you want to call.  It is even spiritual.

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