Randolph Street Fair's 5 Healthiest Dishes This Weekend

The Taste of Randolph or Randolph Street Fair is happening all weekend long in Chicago’s West Loop.  The fest is being held from Halsted to Racine along Randolph Street.  The fair has changed from a walk through fair to a full blown event.  You can now see street performers, fire dancers and even a dance floor with progressive techno.

I look forward to fairs and eating street food.  But I will admit I usually regret many of my choices.  Not because they aren’t tasty, but they don’t always sit well in my stomach because  they are often too greasy, fatty or completely unhealthy.  I want healthy, delicious street food that does not make me feel sick.  And I want my meal to taste good with a beer ot glass of wine.

This year’s Taste of Randolph is offering the usual pizza’s and chocolate treats.  But decided to share my  5  BEST OF delicious dishes that are healthy.  These top five choices will keep you from feeling like you need an extra hour of cardio to offset your festive West Loop outing.

My number one choice and first place dish is:

onesixtyblue.JPGONE SIXTY BLUE – Smoked Trout Salad with Summer Vegetables, Quinoa, topped with a Lemon Vinaigrette. –   There isn’t a thing I would change about this dish.  I am having it again tomorrow.  It was absolutely perfect.  It was light, but satisfy. $5.00

My second choice is:

wishbone.JPGWISHBONE – Kale Salad with seasonings, a little corn and onion.  It is dressed with light vinager. –   Very earthy and filling. $4.50

In third place is:

starfruit.jpgSTARFRUIT – Smoothies galore.  Their Energy mixture is delightful.  If the weather pulls through for us this weekend, this is a healthy snack or meal you can have that keeps you from going to Starbucks for an iced latte.  It is filled with blueberries too. $5.00

In fourth place is :

ALHAMBRA – Baba Ghanoush.  I know a little boring.  But I mention it because it is so yummy.  It is nice to have small dish options that you can add to your meal.  Or if you are holding out for a dinner date, you have this small healthy snack that will not fill you up.  It actually tastes pretty good with a beer or glass a wine.  $2.00

In fifth place:

SAIGON SISTERS- Ssam, a lettuce wrap with pickled veggies and grilled tofu.  They use a special sauce that is made from a little soy and teriyaki.  So a little high in sugar, but the sauce is not made with a oyster sauce base so the calorie count is not too high.  The crispy lettuce and grilled tofu give a great texture to the dish.  $5.00

All of these options are located from the 900 to 1000 block of Randolph.  Come visit me at the POW! MMA & Fitness booth at Morgan on the inner service drive.  

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