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Brussel Sprouts a New Way - High Protein Veggie Worth The Effort

I am not sure why I never gave Brussels Sprouts a chance when I was a kid.  They carry about 10 calories each, which is actually higher than I thought considering I just ate about 20 of them.  But setting caloric intake aside for this evening, they are so darn healthy.  I have been craving... Read more »

Are you the Ultimate Athlete? Men's Fitness Mag Wants to Know

What to Win $5000.00? MEN’S FITNESS SEEKS CHICAGO‘S “ULTIMATE ATHLETE!” 3rd Annual Men’s Fitness National Ultimate Athlete Event Coming to North Avenue Beach Men’s Fitness will be calling all fitness junkies to compete for the title of Men’s Fitness Ultimate Athlete.  Sounds like fun!  If you register for this June 18th competition you will have the chance to show off your football,... Read more »

High Protein Pancakes

Most people I know love pancakes.  It is hard to find a really great oat based batter or even a quick wheat pancake batter that is truly whole grain.  Like most moms, breakfast needs to be quick.  I love buttery, fluffy pancakes, but I need a healthy breakfast.  This is not just for my kids,... Read more »

This Weekend's Movies Could Change Your Pant Size: Popcorn Over 1000 Calories!

I always heard that movie popcorn was bad for you – but WOW! It is really worse than I thought.  So be careful if you plan on checking out this weekend’s opener: X-Men: First Class or my picks for this month Bridemaids and Kung Fu Panda 2.  A study conducted from the Center for Science in... Read more »

Exercise of the Week: Single Arm Shoulder Press with Balance

This is one example of a simple way to take a basic strength exercise and convert it into a joint stability exercise.  This variation on a shoulder press with dumbbell is challenging, but I love it because it can be done in any exercise environment. It is an advanced application of the standard shoulder press.... Read more »