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Juice Plus+ My Favorite Vitamin

I give Juice Plus+ vitamins to my kids.  They really love them.  I believe in the product and think they are better than the other gummy type vitamins for kids.  Here is a recent article written by John Blair from the Council for Responsible Nutrition. We all know that these are challenging economic times.  While there... Read more »

5 Healthier Food Choices at Taste of Chicago

Watch out if you eat too much rice to offset the heat.  But be prepared with something to drink.
There is really no reason to leave Chicago in the summer time.  We have so many fantastic events, concerts, street fairs and festivals.  I look forward to it each year.  Lately I have heard from friends that they are avoiding the Taste because they just eat too poorly and the food isn’t worth the calories.... Read more »

Exercise of the Week: Basic Lunges, Avoiding Knee Injuries

I promised a couple weeks ago that I would feature the proper form for lunges.  I named lunges as one of my top 5 favorite exercises for tightening and toning the butt.  So if you are still working on getting a shapely bottom for summer-time, there is still time. The routine I wrote  2 weeks... Read more »

Protection from a New Disease Caused by Tick Bites

Since I met my husband 9 years ago, I visit Wisconsin 3 to 5 times a summer. His family has a great cottage near Devil’s Head, surrounded by the beautiful green woods.  We hike the area every time, but never any new trails.  I always do Balancing Rock, because in my mind I feel like... Read more »

Randolph Street Fair's 5 Healthiest Dishes This Weekend

The Taste of Randolph or Randolph Street Fair is happening all weekend long in Chicago’s West Loop.  The fest is being held from Halsted to Racine along Randolph Street.  The fair has changed from a walk through fair to a full blown event.  You can now see street performers, fire dancers and even a dance floor... Read more »

Exercise of the Week: Wheel Barrow & Be a Kid!

The wheel barrow is an exercise you did as a kid.  If you remember correctly, you probably did it to simply just kill time and play outside.  This is a great core exercise, but is it also fantastic for building speed and agility.  On a more in depth level, it is also a progression from... Read more »

Need a Father's Day Gift? 6 Health Driven Presents

Do you wish your dad were a bit healthier?  Perhaps more fit?  Does he take good enough care of his body? Do you remind him about his father –  just to tease him? I thought I would compile some great healthy father’s day gifts for you. Services from local Chicago-land businesses. Does your Dad need to... Read more »

The Biggest Loser Makes BIG Mistake & I'm Pissed Off

Rulon, 1st season, 474 lbs It is embarrassing that The Biggest Loser has chosen Anna Kournikova to replace Jillian Michaels for next season.  I cannot believe the number of writers who have reported this as a good idea.  I think it is bull-shit!  Writers tout Kournikova as a great choice.  They mentioned her athletic career... Read more »

Kick'in Glutes Can Be Yours With 5 Exercises: Here's the 20 Minute Program

Allison Stokke from Sports Illustrated Yesterday I gave you a description of the 5 best exercises for firming the butt, hips and hamstrings.   1.  Roundhouse Kicks 2.  Side Kicks 3.  Lunges Stepping Back 4.  Plie Jump Squats 5.  Step Up with a Side Leg Lift (Abduction) The bonus of these exercises is that they... Read more »

Want a Nice A**? Kick'in Glutes Can Be Yours: Exercises of the Week

With control extend the leg out ot he side.  Keep the foot flexed and think of pressing your heel into a target.  If you focus on the flex of the foot while extending the leg your will get more glut action.
So with the summer ahead and everyone starting to look at cute swim suits and shorts that hug our butt like your best pair of jeans, you might be wondering how you can tighten up the rump.  The truth is,  if I were standed on a desert island and needed to stay firm, strong, athletic,... Read more »