Kick'in Glutes Can Be Yours With 5 Exercises: Here's the 20 Minute Program


Allison Stokke from Sports Illustrated

Yesterday I gave you a description of the 5 best exercises for firming the butt, hips and hamstrings.  

1.  Roundhouse Kicks
2.  Side Kicks
3.  Lunges Stepping Back
4.  Plie Jump Squats
5.  Step Up with a Side Leg Lift (Abduction)
The bonus of these exercises is that they also improve flexibility and balance.  This is what places them in a category as functional training.  Functional training refers to many types of exercises, but when an exercise translates into normal biomechanical movement that you use to simply live an active life – it has functional benefits.  I would of course consider kicking functional, because it fits into my daily life and couldn’t imagine living without the ability to kick some down to the ground if they attacked me.  That’s me.  Even though I am kidding on the square, kicking is also atheltic.  The more athletic an exercise, the more it is considered to be total body and core as well.  
Exercises 3, 4 and 5 are great for function and flexibility too.  Lunging down to the ground and getting up, as well as stepping up onto something has true functionality for us all.  So here is the routine I would do to tighten the rump.
Warm up – 3-5 minutes (i.e. jumping jacks)
Gentle Stretch – 2-3 minutes (i.e. alternating low leg lifts, dynamic movement)
ABOUT 5 minutes
  • 30 seconds roundhouse kicks each leg
  • 30 seconds lunges stepping back each leg
  • 30 seconds side kicks each leg
  • 30 plie jumping squats
  • 30 step ups with side leg lift for each legs
Stretch after the workout.  To maximize this workout you can add it to an interval cardio workout that lasts for 20-30 minutes.

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