Exercise of the Week: Wheel Barrow & Be a Kid!

The wheel barrow is an exercise you did as a kid.  If you remember correctly, you probably
did it to simply just kill time and play outside.  This is a great core exercise, but is it also fantastic for
building speed and agility.  On a
more in depth level, it is also a progression from basic push -us that offers
excellent shoulder stability training.

The beauty of this exercise is it a portable and perfect for
partner training.  Take this
exercise with you to the park, do it at home or find a corner in your gym.  There are many ways to modify this

  • 1.    
    If you are unsure of your level of strength,
    have your partner firmly grab your legs and hold them high on your thighs.  Your legs will then be placed on their
    hips and they will need to use their upper body strength to carry part of your
    weight.  Make sure your partner
    walks slowly so you can learn how to control your weight moving forward.  Keep your hips lifted up to avoid your
    lower back from sagging.
  • 2.    
    you feel comfortable doing this exercise and have confidence in your strength,
    ask your partner to hold your ankle/calves steady.  If they are not able to do this, you will be wobbling as you
    walk forward.  This defeats the
    purpose of the exercise and creates a tremendous amount of instability in your
  • 3.    
    If you are alone and you want to adapt this
    exercise, you will wheel barrow in a circle.  You can stack one leg on the other and walk your hands in a
    circle in both directions (your feet pivot on their own axis point).
  • 4.    
    Another way to adapt this exercise and build
    your strength is to roll on and back a swiss ball while being in a push up
Here is a quick and simple video on doing this exercise correctly.

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