Sit On A Ball At Work! Strengthen Your Core

Regardless of your athletic ability, fitness level or physical limitation, the swiss ball or resist-a-ball, is a tool that can help you build strength, stability, flexibility and coordination.  At first glance, these colorful balls may remind you of your 4th grade gym class, but performing even a simple crunch on them can make you feel like your skills have been demoted to the kindergarten play lot.
The ball has been an accepted and respected fitness tool within health clubs and gyms for about 8 years, however, they have been used since 1965 as a valuable physical therapy tool.  Within the rehabilitative environment, the ball has successfully served as a tool to develop balance, maintain reflex response, trunk strength (abs and lower back) and increase stability.
Getting Started
Buy one for your office.  Choose a size that you can sit on and firmly place your feet on the ground.  Move your chair from your desk and use the ball instead.  By doing this, you will begin sitting up straighter and be forced to use your core section to stablize your posture.
Here are 3 of my basic ball exercises.  Although they are considered to be basic, they keep my back healthy.  There are many ball exercises to choose from – everyone should be using the ball weekly in their workout to prevent lower back problems.

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