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Best & Healthiest Sunscreens

I came across a story on sunscreens on my facebook page by another mother.  It is simple information, but I felt it was worth sharing.  I get confused myself about which sun screens are comprehensive and effective for my baby and also my toddlers.  I tend to focus on them more than myself when I... Read more »

Favorite Exercise of Week: Gluts & Knee Stability

When you land, stabilize your upper body over your legs.  Land with your knees bent and your butt back.  Your weight should be in your heels.  Avoid landing with your weight in your toes.  Turn around quickly and try to keep this interval moving fast.  The goal of a power interval is to build acceleration and increase intensity.
Favorite exercises are not necessarily new exercises. They are just recent exercises that have given a little revival to your body.  Sometimes new favorite exercises are just simple movements that perfectly blend into an interval series you are following or an in-home workout format that you have been trying to intensify.  New favorite exercises are... Read more »

Do You Know Anything About Schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is more wide spread than I thought.  It is prevalent in 1.1% of the population according to the National Institute of Mental Health. This mental disorder makes it difficult for the inflicted to tell the difference between the unreal and real experiences.  It is particularly difficult for schizophrenics to think logically and have normal... Read more »

Parents:Advise From a 4 Time Black Belt on Picking a Martial Arts School

How do I pick a martial arts school for my child? This is the most common question I get from parents.  Besides owning POW! MMA (over 10 years in the West Loop) and POW! Kids, I teach at the Montessori Academy of Chicago (MAC). My classes there are athletic driven and focus on developing children’s... Read more »

Sit On A Ball At Work! Strengthen Your Core

Sit On A Ball At Work! Strengthen Your Core
Regardless of your athletic ability, fitness level or physical limitation, the swiss ball or resist-a-ball, is a tool that can help you build strength, stability, flexibility and coordination.  At first glance, these colorful balls may remind you of your 4th grade gym class, but performing even a simple crunch on them can make you feel like your skills... Read more »

Change Your Life Today- Meditate!

Meditation is truly a medicinal act for the mind and body. More and more people are aware of it since the practice of yoga has become more wide spread.  Although many think of the cross legged position when doing mediation there are several poses one can use in order to achieve a meditative state. One way to... Read more »

5 Biggest Exercise Mistakes

When hanging out with my fitness colleagues, we often discuss perceptions that many of our clients still have about exercise.  We are happy to always field any questions about exercise, even if they have obvious answers.  But we do wish that there was more accurate fitness information absorbed by gym users and exercisers so they... Read more »

Do You Know CPR?

I am hosting CPR training for my Staff at POW! MMA and Fitness this morning.  Although I go through the training every two years, the guidelines have changed since I first began working in the fitness industry. The biggest change that has been made is to begin CPR with chest compressions.  Fast chest presses before giving mouth... Read more »

Replace Afternoon Coffee with 20 Minute Power Nap

At your next departmental meeting, you might want to suggest that your boss allow for power naps during the work day. Are you wasting your employer’s money if you take a short snooze during company time?  There are experts who believe it is a great way to increase productivity in the workplace.  Johns Hopkins Deputy... Read more »

Want a Beach Body in 6 weeks? Best Boot Camps in Chicago

Want a Beach Body in 6 weeks? Best Boot Camps in Chicago
Beach bodies can be acquired in time for the summer sun, the lakefront action and street fair fever. Boot camps are a great way to enjoy the summer, meet people and get healthy.  Below are some great choices that are located not only in Chicago, but in the suburbs as well.  Each of these companies... Read more »