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Girls Can Do Anything, Show Your Daughter

I loved watching this.  Although I discovered this was a rejected commercial shot by Gatorade, I watched it three times and then showed my daughter Isis.  She said, “I want to do that!”  She started jumping off various pillows and on the sofa (she is 3).  Despite the staging put into this, it is worth... Read more »

Does Your Child Have ADHD? New Info You Must Know.

Does Your Child Have ADHD? New Info You Must Know.
It is scary to read stories that link various children’s disorders with a higher incidence of drug abuse. A story has reported that children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorders (ADHD) have up to three times more likelihood than other kids to abuse drugs or become dependent on various substances like marijuana and even nicotine.... Read more »

Judo is Great for Kids! FREE Olympic Judo Class Tuesday, April 26th

The 2012 Olympics are right around the corner.  They will be taking place in London. Entirely new structures are being built throughout London.  These additions to the London landscape are the Energy Centre, Primary Substation and Pumping Station.   New roads, bridges and walk ways between parks will funnel the millions expected to visit.  One... Read more »

Should Women Be Given Combat Assignments?

About 70 % of Army positions and 62% of Marine positions are open to women.  About 259,000 of the 2.2 million troops that have served in Iraq and Afghanistan are women.  Although most jobs are open to women they are excluded from combat positions. Specifically tactical and operational career fields.  A story points out... Read more »

How Do You Get a Fruit Fly to Exercise?

How do you get your husband, wife or mom to exercise? These seem like reasonable quandaries.  If you are very fitness focused, it is normal to wish everyone around you could experience the endorphin high you experience.  But some people, namely Robert Wessells, PhD puts fruit flies through rigorous exercise just to see how their... Read more »

Is Your Child in Dance, Gymnastics or Martial Arts? Becareful with Chinese SPlit

Wikepedia defines the Chinese splits as the ‘straddle splits, in which the legs are parallel to eachother and extended in opposite directions.  Most martial arts schools use them in their training.  But many schools do not safely incorporate them into their classes.  It is important to avoid doing these splits when the body is cold. ... Read more »

Chicago 78th Worse City For Allergies: 5 Natural Ways To Fight Seasonal Allergies

I normally consider myself a person who does not suffer from allergies. But this year I seem to be effected by everything.  According to a Health Beat story on  ABC from a few days ago, Chicago is experiencing the highest amount of tree pollen.  “The latest rankings from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of American... Read more »

One of The Coolest Training Programs: Freerunning

According to a blog I found on addressing the question of whether or not you need gymnastics or martial arts in order learn freerunning or parkour , “Well, there are about 500 different answers for this question. The one that is probably most important is “whose level do you want to get to?” Parkour is about... Read more »

Chicago Company Builds Lightweight Roof Deck Gardens: Grow Your Own Food On Top Of Your Townhome

Have you ever considered growing your own vegetables, but you do not have a yard?    Rooftop Green Works is a Chicago company that constructs and maintains roof gardens.  If you have a townhome or a condo with a roof deck, you can have the fresh tomato and basil salad you dream of.  Rooftop Green... Read more »

Easiest Way to Improve Your Health

No one really argues with the nutritional advise, “Eat more veggies.”  But for a lot of people it is hard to simply get enough.  For example, I love vegetables, all of them; but I like them roasted and grilled.  So it is hard to allocate time to make enough of them every day so they... Read more »