One of The Coolest Training Programs: Freerunning

According to a blog I found on addressing the question of whether or not you need
gymnastics or martial arts in order learn freerunning or parkour ,
Well, there are about 500 different answers for this question.
The one that is probably most important is “whose level do you want to get
to?” Parkour is about improving yourself, not striving to be where
somebody else is. Every person can improve themself both physically and
mentally through parkour training. It is less important where you start out and
where you finish – the learning and improving is the journey, and as long as
you are on a path of personal improvement… well that is what’s important.”

This is a similar message that even the martial arts
preaches.  The journey is simply
about improving yourself. But what exactly is freerunning?  It is a form of urban acrobatics where
the participants use athletic movements to travel across the city
landscape.  The movements look like
stunts on wires, made famous in the Jackie Chan films.  But there are no wires and the skill
requires tremendous functional strength, balance and flexibility. 

Check out this training center in California called Tempest
Freerunning Academy
.  They opened
last week and they a have created an ideal training environment for learning
the tricks and explosive movements fundamental to freerunning.  The freerunners ( the person who freely
runs through the course or city using the acrobatic movements) can train at
Tempest even if they have no skills and use their classes to build their
abilities before going city side.

Tempest Freerunning Academy from The Cool Hunter on Vimeo.

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