Chicago Company Builds Lightweight Roof Deck Gardens: Grow Your Own Food On Top Of Your Townhome

Have you ever considered growing your own vegetables, but you do not have a yard? 


Rooftop Green Works is a Chicago company that constructs and maintains roof gardens.  If you have a townhome or a condo with a roof deck, you can have the fresh tomato and basil salad you dream of.  Rooftop Green Works builds and maintain living infrastructures on a budget.  The obvious apprehension is the weight of the soil and garden on your flat roof.  But RoofTop Green Works offers this amazing roof deck garden at 12.5 lbs a square foot.  According to Molly Meyer, Owner, we typically start with a casual meeting at/near their roof. This is an opportunity for us to meet, see the space, take measurements and photos, learn the homeowners intentions for the space, and get a sense of how we might work together. Next, we’ll put together a perspective drawing of what a design might look like if the owner hired us. We would send these to the owner along with a proposal outlining our services and price. If these are acceptable, we sign a formal contract and get to work! We work closely with the homeowner to finalize design, layout, material selection, and plant palette. Then, we order materials and schedule the installation, which may be a few weeks out – if the materials are custom. We install with our crew. Then, we take the owner on a “walk-through” to make sure that we’ve met or exceeded their expectations and our contract. Finally, we either write-up a maintenance plan for the owner or we provide on-going maintenance service for them.”
Molly tells me that the size of the design and  the extent of maintenance effects the cost, but the basic garden starts at $20 a square foot.  The crew that installs, devlops and designs the gardens are certifed contractors (Repkin Biosystems).  The developers (UrbanRoofFarm tm) are able to create beautiful gardens for any roof deck environment.  Rooftop Green Works wants to bring sustainable gardens to personal residences, but they also seek out restaurant owners who have roof rights or own their own property.


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