Chicago 78th Worse City For Allergies: 5 Natural Ways To Fight Seasonal Allergies

I normally consider myself a person who does not suffer from
allergies. But this year I seem to be effected by everything.  According to a Health Beat story on  ABC from a few days ago, Chicago is
experiencing the highest amount of tree pollen.  “The latest rankings from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation
of American show Chicago’s allergy season getting worse.”

So the Windy City is the 78th worse place to live
during the spring if you suffer from seasonal allergies.   Despite this ranking, I have no plans on moving from
the greatest city in the US and I probably will not follow the advise of
doctors asking people to limit their outdoor activity this spring.  Since I am also tired of rotating Clardin
D and the typical Advil / Tylonel Cold and Sinus , I changed my diet to
minimize my symptoms and achieve a more comfortable place.

Why Pollen Kills

The problem with pollen is that once it enters the nasal
passage it aggravates the mucus membranes.  With this being said, my membranes have been at their wits
end – they are aggravated beyond belief and now I have been hyper sensitive  to everything: cleaning the house, the fabric
softener sheets, my own facial creams, forget about perfume or hairspray.   It all just brings on sneezing,
sore throat, watery eyes, you name it.

Why is Diary Bad for Allergies?

Another way to look at seasonal allergies is that your immune system is
simply overreacting.  The enemy is
still airborne invaders being inhaled. 
Many foods that we consume on a regular basis exasperate the body’s
reaction to the airborne invaders making symptoms worse, even though they are
presented in our diet in a healthy manner.  One example is diary products.  Diary worsens seasonal allergies because they contain

arachidonic acid
This acid produces a chemical (leukocyte) that restricts the bronchial
tubes which naturally makes it harder for air to get through.    This then leads to the
production of phlegm and mucus – and there is begins.  All that nasty phlegm either drips down your throat, into
your ears, or decides to create a traffic jam in your sinus cavity.  It is brutal. 

Take a look at some of the diet changes you can make beside eliminating diary to improve your symptoms. I have found immediate relief from eliminating diary and all processed foods.  Processed foods was easy for me because I do not buy them.  But diary in my coffee and getting rid of sugar has been very helpful.   Before trying them, please consult with a physican and conduct your own research.


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