A Message From The Devil/ Satan and Friends weigh in on Defunding the Police/Please Don't Stop/Sometimes Lunatics have Good Ideas

A Message From The Devil/ Satan and Friends weigh in on Defunding the Police/Please Don't Stop/Sometimes Lunatics have Good Ideas

Just a few years ago the big craze in America was the Hysterical calls for the DEFUNDING of the Police Across the country. Cop mistakes and controversial incidents ruled the media for months. Well, it’s been about two years now and it seems that the movement has used up its share of Kool-Aid and a stark reality has set in. No pun intended but COOLER heads have prevailed. Some of the loudest Cities are now actually expanding their Police Departments and even offering bonuses and housing incentives to lure more people to join the ranks. To say that crime in America has gone off the charts would be almost an understatement. See the chart below.

Shakespeare once said in the Tempest “HELL IS EMPTY AND ALL THE DEVILS ARE HERE” Little did he know. They were once here but now they are in a place where they belong and the Devil himself has decided to act as their spokesman.

Hello to all my Defunding Cheer Leaders, It seems that you have all abandoned us so I decided to make a personal PLEA. I have some of my dear friends with me down here in hell and they asked me to cheer you on and not give up hope. I thought I’d share some of their feelings.

First I’d like to introduce you to some of my favorite people. WAYNE WILLIAMS (the Atlanta Child Killer) old Wayne murdered 28 children. Then we have one of my good buddies TED BUNDY who systematically slaughtered 30 young women. Then of course we have our clean-up hitter GARY RIDGEWAY(the Green River Killer) who confessed to 80 murders. Certainly, we cannot forget our very own JOHN WAYNE GACY (bless his Clown heart ) who murdered at least 33 young men. Also, let’s not forget one of my favorites for sure RICHARD SPECK who murdered and tortured 8 student nurses in Chicago. Then of course we have DENNIS RADER (BTK KILLER) Bind Torture and Kill, a creative fellow indeed who killed and tortured 10 Women. My last mention is to our youngest resident ED KEMPER who killed his mother and his grandparents and many others.

No doubt I have thousands more here with me but they are all kinda sad that you assholes didn’t Defund The Police when they were having their fun, because of course it was the nasty Police that stopped them from having more fun. But hey please don’t give up the good fight for our future monsters who will be sure to continue where we left off. Rejoin the Police Bashers and screw those bad cops, who really needs them anyway? we have rights also. Good luck to all of you Pathetic USEFUL IDIOTS especially when they come for you, you can dial the Local Mayor’s office and ask for help–Cheers -Mr. Satan

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