Another American Mass Shooting/Chicago! HOLD MY BEER/ The Outrage Awakens/Again

Another American Mass Shooting/Chicago! HOLD MY BEER/ The Outrage Awakens/Again

Wednesday 4 students were killed and seven others were wounded at Oxford High school in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. The shooter was Adam Crumley a 15-year-old Oxford student. Mass shootings certainly are not a new phenomenon in the United States. There were 419 in 2019 and 2020 saw the number soar upward to more than 600. This year according to the New York Times that number will also be surpassed. However, this last shooting in Oxford added a new twist. Adam Crumley’s parents were arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter. No sense in going into details but the prosecutor says there is ample evidence that the parents were culpable and they were charged accordingly. Certainly, we all have to remember that accusations and charges are just that. Whether they are guilty or not a judge and jury will at some point decide on that.

What nudged my attention to this particular incident was not only the shooting itself, and of course, the parents being charged also, but the shock and outrage of the news media in Chicago. It wasn’t just the usual headlines about the availability of guns and the usual outrage that such a terrible incident causes. I was wondering if they knew Chicago had 61 such MASS SHOOTINGS so far in just 11 months in their very own city. Nowhere in the United States does any one single location come even close to that horrible number. Mass shootings are defined by 4 or more people being shot at the same time and the same place excluding the shooter(s). See the chart below and you can readily see it was not a secret.

All the attention and all the outrage spewed over the horror of any mass shooting is most certainly justified, EXCEPT that in a city where there have been 61 such incidents and it barely registers a blip on the OUTRAGE scale. A few mentions here and there and it’s on to other things or distractions as some folks seem to think. Look over there at them, not in our bloody backyard. Granted in 11 months and over 797 murders and over 4,280 people shot this year in Chicago and over 1,010 murdered in Cook County the word numb might come into play. Certainly, the politicians, the Mayor, and her inept Police Superintendent would rather discuss other things but the lack of media attention allows them to seek shelter for lack of a better excuse. Duck the BUCK so to speak.

This case will no doubt, just as all the rest, slither into history, except for the one thing that stands out. Prosecutors have decided that the parents were culpable, at least in some form or another, and have charged them accordingly. A curious situation for those of us in Chicago. The majority of Chicago’s infamous 61 mass shootings have been perpetrated by teens living at home and yet never once has any parent been charged let alone identified with any blame or at least called out. Teens from 13 to 17 roam Chicago’s streets from midnight to 6 am armed with pistols, rifles, and driving stolen vehicles. One youngster arrested this week was identified as a prolific carjacker — HE WAS 11 YEARS OLD. No mention of the parents. However, the story did happen to make news but it was quickly forgotten. See below.

There were at one time in the Chicago area public service announcements on local television stations that said simply-WHEN IT’S 11 PM DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR CHILD IS?” 11 pm being Chicago’s curfew for children under 18 years old not accompanied by an adult. A long-gone tradition but it becomes one of the most compelling questions a parent should be aware of. I have a friend that was a high-ranking police boss for many years who later went on to become a Chicago elected official and now a prominent attorney. He recently sent me an email that I decided to share. “You know Bob I’m really confused and amused by people who can see the factual truth like the number of mass shootings and still deny or perhaps willfully disbelieve reality. I call it “DUMB THINK”. Dumb think can be the death of a person, a city, and a nation. I fear for us.”

Indeed how long can the press, politicians, and the liberal Woke elite be content to equate deliberate ignorance of EVIL with its non-existence? Evil and its enablers hate the LIGHT and will never agree to come into it, for fear their evil deeds or lack of attention to them will be exposed. A lesson from many centuries ago we still have not embraced. How many next times are we waiting for?

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