Carjackings/The New Rage Among Criminals/ Don't Be An EASY Target/ SOME "MAYBE" HELPFUL TIPS

Carjackings/The New Rage Among Criminals/ Don't Be An EASY Target/ SOME "MAYBE" HELPFUL  TIPS

Carjackings have become the new rage among criminals not only in the Chicago area but all across the nation. However, in the Chicago area regretfully it has become somewhat of an Olympic event. There is a multitude of reasons why Carjackings have soared almost 200% in the Windy City over the last two years, lack of arrests and failure to prosecute those who are arrested are just a few. In the past two years, there have been over 3,000 victims of armed carjackings in Chicago alone, if one added in the entire County of Cook the word epidemic would quickly to mind.


  • One or more armed individuals approach a driver who is either in his or her car or about to enter or leave it.
  • The Offender points a gun or other weapon at the driver and forces the driver to turn over the fob or keys to the vehicle.
  • Often times the victim is robbed of other valuables, abducted and or raped. If at all possible, all house keys should be kept seperate from vehicle Fobs or Keys.
  • The motives for committing the crime vary from car theft to joy riding or using the vehicle to commit other crimes. The most recent involved 3 Carjacked cars. One used to smash into a hight end Gold Coast store window,one used to store all the looted high end purses and shoes and one to flea the secene after the mid- day looting. The big surprise was the time of day. Not the middle of the night smash and loot per usual.


  • Pretending to be a stranded motorist
  • Faking a fender -bender accident or deliberetly getting involved with the victim.
  • Approaching the victim while the victim is stopped at a traffic light.
  • Approaching a victim while at shopping malls, grocery stores, private driveways, apartment complexes, and parking lots.


*Enter your vehicle as quickly as possible.

*When you leave the building, have your keys or Fob in hand and be ready to make a quick entry into your vehicle.

*Upon entering the vehicle look into the rear seats for possible suspects.

  • If it is safe to do so, enter the vehicle and immediately lock the doors.
  • While exiting your car look around you before turning off the ignition..
  • ALWAYS keep your car doors and windows locked,criminals often enter through UNLOCKED windows and doors.
  • Stay alert at RED lights-look around you-especially to the sides and rear-so you so you can be alert to anyone approaching you. Be especially aware of solicitors with what appears to be “Donation Cans”-do not roll your window down to engage anyone from the outside.
  • When pulling up to a traffic light be alert to leave enough room between your car and the car in front of you. This will make it possible for you to drive off should anyone approach you.
  • Minimize driving at late hours. Nationwide, most carjackings take place between 10 pm and 2am. However in the Chicago area no time of day is relatively safe.
  • Have your cell phone readily available to call for help
  • Don’t assume your safe in an inexpensive car,criminals take those also.

There appears to be no pattern to Carjacking, however, most experts say that women are more likely to be targeted than men because they assume women will offer less resistance. Those driving alone are more likely to become victims, though carjackers also approach people with small children. In most cases, the Criminal does not see the small children when approaching the vehicle.


  • Get your children out of the car.
  • Trust your instincts,there are no absolute rules for what to do in a carjacking. If you think it’s feasible, accelerate and try to drive away. Remember your car is not bullet proof your life is more important than your car.
  • Report the crtime immediately to the police.Attempt to provide as much detail as possible. It’s always smart to keep your license plate number in your notes on you cell phone. One would be surprised at how many victims do not know the License plate number of thier vehicle.
  • Try to be prepared to provide at least the following information about the offender(s) age-race-height-and app weight. Hair color and style, beard, mustache.
  • Any notable characteristics, acne, ,scars, glasses,mental state, etc.
  • Clothing description
  • Location where last seen
  • Last known direction of travel
  • Vehicle description and distinctive marking.

It is not my intention to scare the hell out of you but the numbers are becoming more and more prevalent. Hopefully, some of these tips will come in handy- Share them with friends and acquaintances. It could become a reality. Stay safe, use common sense.

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