Chicago! Where the Ship Of Fools meets the Cuckoo's Nest/It's The Violence Stupid/Dueling returns to America/Mutual Combatants Go Free

Chicago! Where the Ship Of Fools meets the Cuckoo's Nest/It's The Violence Stupid/Dueling returns to America/Mutual Combatants Go Free

It’s been a long time coming but makes no mistake it’s finally hit home in Chicago. For quite some time now I have been delivering the sober news about Chicago’s violence. Some friends and yeah, foes alike have made comments about me delivering such devastating and sobering news. Some see the actual numbers but few can relate. I can easily attest to fighting the mental strain of policing violent neighborhoods and it certainly cannot be realized except for those who are assigned day after day hour after hour. What cops see in those neighborhoods is completely outside the minds and imaginations of most people.

What I was alluding to when I said finally hit home, I was referring to the awakening of the media and of course Chicago’s fickle, ignorant, cowardly and clueless, politicians. If you look at the headline above you can see what snapped most of the City out of its malaize. In the middle of the afternoon on 4 Oct, one of Chicago’s more formidable streets gangs the 4 CORNER HUSTLERS DECIDED TO SETTLE THE ISSUE OF WHO WAS GOING TO BE THE CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD AND close members of HIS STAFF. While hundreds of shoppers and other folks were tending to daily chores, shopping, walking along, some with baby strollers, and even bicyclists, members of the 4 Corners Urban Terrorists Gang blatantly engaged in a rolling shoot out in what witnesses described as a firefight. More than 72 shell casings were expended, 3 people were shot one killed and scores of people were sent scurrying for their lives, while others just froze in place on the ground.

All in all five persons were arrested and taken into custody. What comes next may be difficult to believe but it finally got the attention of a City that was quite frankly existing in denial. A city that has had over 670 murders, and over 3,700 folks shot, hundreds and hundreds of teenagers victims of gun violence, along with babies, toddlers, and seniors, as a matter of fact, while I’m writing this another 2-year-old child was wounded. Add to the mix 60 mass shootings in which 4 or more folks are shot or killed at one time, 189 Expressway shootings, and over 1,250 armed carjackings. The most in more than 20 years.

NOW, are you ready! Cook County’s STUPENDIOUSLY INCOMPETENT STATES ATTORNEY KIM FOXX (remember the Jussie Smollet fiasco) ANNOUNCED THAT THE SUSPECTS WHO WERE ARRESTED ARE BEING RELEASED WITHOUT CHARGING—-HER REASON BEING THAT THEY WERE MUTUAL COMBATANTS AND THEREFORE SHE WAS LETTING THEM GO FREE- My first reaction was GEE! ARRON BURR MUST FEEL VINDICATED. DUELING HAS RETURNED TO AMERICA, THANKS TO KIM FOXX—-MUTUAL COMBATANTS- Anybody in Chicago who has the least bit of sense would have to look at Kim Foxx and either believe she is a total disaster or the enemy of decency-The Naval War College for Marines teaches from a book called “ON WAR” by Carl von Clausewitz in which he states that “you plan for your enemies capabilities, not his intentions” my guess is old Carl is doing a double roll trying to make sense of Kim Foxx who I believe, at least, is the enemy of common sense and decency.

Here again if one does seriously think about violence in Chicago all you would have to do is think about the 135 people charged with murder in Cook County who are on home confinement, along with thousands of others charged with serious felonies. If they are not on Home Confinement they are released on low bonds or no bonds at all, or a simple promise to appear in court. The below photo is the response that Chicago’s Mayor Lightfoot had to the release of the 4 Corner COMBATANTS, notice the words “Could be sent into CHAOS.” It made me wonder if maybe she was the Mayor of Chicago but living in a land far away. She has had more PLANS to combat Chicago’s outrageous violence Chef Emeril had recipes, and it becomes harder and harder to remember any of them. The City is now being called the most dangerous place in America by even the bungling half-wits on the City Council. See the feature photo in this post.

A Little extra sidebar to all this is not so much the Mayor being shocked by the lack of charges being filed in the “combatants shoot out” it was the reaction of Chicago’s richest man Ken Griffin the billionaire philanthropist who weighed in saying he was thinking of pulling up stakes in Chicago and taking his business elsewhere. He stated that his office building’s windows downtown have had at least 75 bullet holes from wild gunfights and at least one of his drivers has been the victim of an attempted carjacking. See the Griffin outrage in the photo below. I believe prior to the 4 Corner Shoot out that headline would have never been. Ah! the awakening continues. Cook County President Toni Preckwinkle’s security detail at her home it has just been revealed, one of her security guards had been robbed and his weapon stolen. On another occasion last week another of her home security guards shot and wounded an attempted carjacker who fled the scene but was later apprehended.

My good friend and author Peter Bella calls Chicago “DEADWOOD” AFTER THE LAWLESS TOWN OF THE OLD WEST- Ya Know! Peter just might be right-The City of big shoulders is under siege and it has no head on top of those shoulders at least when it comes to being compared to Afghanistan by Ken Griffin

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