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Immediately following the shooting of two Chicago Police officers, several officers gathered at the hospital late Saturday. Officer Ella French was pronounced dead and her partner was critically wounded. What followed next can only be described as pathetic. As Mayor Lightfoot attempted to enter the hospital she was warned that the wounded officer’s father did not want her there. She insisted anyway and the officer’s father proceeded to “scold” the Mayor saying she was at fault for putting Chicago’s cops at a disadvantage against violent criminals in Chicago and told her to leave. As the Mayor was leaving she tried to approach several of the officers who gathered at the hospital, the officers immediately turned their backs to her and walked away. Surprising at least to those of us in the world of law enforcement the news media reported the ugly incident. See below headlines in both Chicago papers.

What can only be described as a clown act of the highest proportions continued on into the late morning. Holding a press conference at Police headquarters for the Chicago press corps, Superintendent David Brown while explaining the circumstances of the shooting referred to Ella French the murdered Officer as ELLA FITZGERALD. HE HAD TO BE CORRECTED BY A MEMBER OF THE PRESS-IMAGINE THAT IF YOU CAN?

Not to be outdone in the lack of leadership and basic decency department Chicago Police’s second in command Eric Carter showed up at the Medical Examiner’s office when the body of the murdered officer was being delivered to the Medical Facility. In a time-honored tradition, First Responders have always gathered in the parking lot of the Office of the Medical Examiner to pay last respects to fallen police officers and firefighters with the Emerald Society’s traditional playing of the bagpipes. Suddenly First Deputy Carter began shouting, “WE’RE NOT WAITING FOR ANY BAGPIPES. GO AHEAD AND GET THE AMBULANCE INSIDE. WE DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS SHIT.” Here again, see below the press reported this bizarre incident.

Not stopping there we have United States Senator Dick Durbin. What most people say has been as hard to find as far as Chicago’s violence is concerned as live Chicken at a KFC picnic. However, Senator Durbin it seems is always ready to snatch a good headline when the times present themselves. It’s what Rahm Emanuel described as never letting a good CRISIS go to waste. Sensing a chance to grab a headline Senator Durbin has PROCLAIMED TO ALL THE PRESS IN CHICAGO THAT STRAW GUN SELLERS OR PURCHASERS BE GIVEN MORE HARSH PRISON TERMS. You gotta hand it to the Senator, it worked. Both major papers carried his hallow pronouncement, most likely from as far away from Chicago as possible.

The gun used to murder Ella French and critically wound her partner was bought by a person from Indiana who was having an affair with one of the brothers involved in the shooting of the two officers. He has been arrested on charges of straw purchasing — a Federal Crime punishment of up to 5 years. Last year Chicago cops confiscated over 12,000 guns on Chicago’s streets and so far this year over 7,540 guns have been confiscated. All those guns seizures have led to approximately 11,000 charges filed with the Cook County States Attorneys Office. Out of that, I would be astonished if more than 100 were convicted of gun crimes. So what essentially DURBIN is SELLING in his headline-grabbing is, let’s give 5 years or more to the slug who buys the gun and let the guy who uses it out on bond or no bond, or the useless home monitoring system. The ship of fools in Chicago has suddenly turned into an ocean liner and it’s loaded with passengers. DID YOU AGREE?

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