Goodby to Afghanistan Terrorists/ Hello Chicago's Terrorists/ There are no other words to describe them/ Homegrown Terrorists

Goodby to Afghanistan Terrorists/ Hello Chicago's Terrorists/ There are no other words to describe them/ Homegrown Terrorists

Most Americans woke up this morning to these HEADLINES most prominently in the New York Times, top fold, as they say in the newspaper business “AFGHANISTAN GOVERNMENT COLLAPSES” President Ghani Flees as Insurgents (code for the Taliban Terrorists) enter Capitol. Imagine that if you can.

After 21 years America withdraws from the Land of Fallen Empires, and within a week the country totally collapses and the proverbial “Square One” looms large in America yet again. There will no doubt be a billion words written about those 21 years, and the ultimate end game that has just played out. I’m not that sophisticated to be able even to contemplate let alone write about an opinion I know very little about. I will say one thing it appears that we as a country learned absolutely nothing from the Vietnam debacle. Look at the photo below, it tells a story that may nudge some folks to shake their heads.

Fighting terrorism, supposedly for 21 years to keep America safe always sounded good and may even have been embraced by millions of Americans. The Taliban were the driving force behind most of the world’s terrorist attacks, along with Al Nursa, Al Qaeda, Ansaru, Boko Haram, and certainly many more. They all have one thing in common and that is they KILL PEOPLE and the reasons are plentiful mostly for an ideology or some religious belief.

Terrorists kill people, and it’s not always thousands of miles away or shocking events such as 9-11 which is coming up on the 20th anniversary next month. No doubt the horror that was the driving force to enter Afghanistan and give the nation some mental relief that our Government is protecting us from harm even if it’s 7,500 thousand miles away. This time it wasn’t a fractured Vietnam domino theory our warriors were fighting and dying for it was for our safety and most likely peace of mind.

To me obviously, it’s not a big jump into insanity to make this comparison. I know whoever reads my stuff had to be waiting for this. The human toll in Afghanistan for 21 years of keeping us safe is 2,315 military deaths and at least 20,066 wounded just on the American side. The other toll is that American taxpayers spent 816 BILLION dollars to finance our presence there. READY? here it is. Since 2016 Chicago has had 3,905 people murdered and 20, 066 shot down. CHICAGO and I mean no insult is right here on our own soil.

The overwhelming majority of the perpetrators are Chicago’s very own TERRORISTS, homegrown terrorists, STREET GANGS. They strike almost everywhere in the City EVERY SINGLE DAY 7 days a week. This past weekend is about as typical as it gets within 24 hours there were 7 multiple shootings, 1 mass shooting, 7 murders, and 43 shot, all ages, and sex. This year Chicago has reached 509 souls murdered and 2,830 shot which represents the fastest in recent memory that many people were shot and killed in such a short period. I mention that because it’s not improving in the slightest, indeed it’s getting worse and worse. Just two weeks ago the City Mayor announced her latest plan to stop the violence, sometimes one wonders if she’s delusional or just incompetent. This was a recent headline in Foxx news depicting their take on the mayor. See Below.

In the course of 21 years, our Government was fixated on Afghanistan, keeping us safe was the given reason. Five years and 6 months in Chicago the death toll and the wounded far surpassed the dead and wounded in a war zone. The 816 BILLION DOLLARS spent supposedly to keep us safe from 7,500 miles away but what did our leaders do right in one of America’s big cities where the killer terrorists are barely mentioned and becoming increasingly bolder by the day. Someone, anyone, please tell us you give a shit and do something. How long and how many Violence plans before the cheap political talk stops. The TERRORISTS in Chicago are not very far away.

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