Chicago's Cops Have Gone TIMID/ A WOKE ALDERMAN SAYS SO/ Well something HAS Gone wrong

Chicago's Cops Have Gone TIMID/ A WOKE ALDERMAN SAYS SO/ Well something HAS Gone wrong

While we see the headlines day in and day out in Chicago, I often wonder to myself if Chicagoans and their politicians have lost the ability to be shocked, so when Chicago Alderman Ray Lopez said Chicago’s cops have gone timid, it wasn’t just another clueless Chicago politician dodging the self-stench of Chicago’s out of control mayhem. Finally, out of at least a thousand finger points and designated scapegoats, one of Chicago’s politicians finally hit on something in my (humble) opinion. Below are some of the published reasons the Alderman uses to make his case for timid cops. The accompanying photo is of course of one person in the system, arrested 4 times for gun offenses and released time and time again. If we multiplied him by the hundreds and believe me there are probably thousands like him in the last 5 years at least, one can easily see why Chicago’s in the death grip of violent behavior. Can you imagine the frustration of street Cops dealing with this on a daily basis? Catch and release no longer pertains to fishing. Chicago’s police have no say in the matter for sure, take the criticism and remain silent, after all, these days in America “A man in blue gets less respect than a man in a dress”. Stick with me, I will try and explain.

Kinda hard to refute that. No car chases no foot chases, not prosecuting criminals, at least 102 individuals charged with murder are home on low bonds, no bonds, or HOME CONFINEMENT (the hilariously stupid decision masquerading as Criminal Justice Reform) Justice for the Criminal none for the victims. In the last 5 1/2 years, Chicago has had 112 mass shootings, hell in the first 6 months of this year there have been 40 and 11 in the last 2 weeks.

When you look at the headline below depending on your interest, even casual observers can be excused for saying “HOLY SHIT” out loud. I know you can see for yourself but imagine over 1,000 victims 126 dead and just 2 shooters were convicted–Any ideas where the others are? There is a saying that Politicians loath ‘WE THE PEOPLE WOULD RATHER HAVE QUESTIONS THAT CANNOT BE ANSWERED THAN ANSWERS THAT CANNOT BE QUESTIONED.”Pointing fingers, looking for scapegoats, blaming guns, the cops, and all the other usual suspects have proven not to be the answer.

Why does Chicago average 12 people shot a day, year after year, at an outrageous dollar cost that runs into the billions not to mention the human suffering? In the last 2 months, the City is averaging over 20 people shot a day, normal for the summer months at least the last 10 years. The murder toll so far in 2021 is the 3rd most in the City’s history. Imagine how many are saved by the improved emergency medical care by on-scene paramedics and cops. Let’s examine the latest reason given by Alderman Lopez. Have in fact Chicago’s cops gone timid? Before I do, I would like to point out that Alderman Lopez is a law and order advocate and considered a friend of the police and an enemy of criminal behavior.

I wrote this as an opinion Piece to both Chicago’s papers. Maybe it will explain the police’s point of view.

“An obviously very frustrated Alderman Ray Lopez’s choice of words saying the Chicago police have gone timid strikes a note maybe all of Chicago should pay attention to. Indeed is it timid or could it be CAUTIOUS? Back in 1964 then-Attorney, General Bobby Kennedy wrote in his book “PURSUIT OF JUSTICE” this quote that no doubt still stands today more than ever. “Every society gets the kind of criminal it deserves. What is equally true is every community gets the kind of law enforcement it INSISTS ON.” There is no question at least in my alleged mind, that in today’s environment in Chicago and many other cities in America are insisting on what it wants its police department to be. Chicago’s cops are scrutinized and investigated by the U.S Department of Justice, the FBI Civil Rights Division, a retired Federal Judge who scrutinizes each and every street stop in the City, The Cook County States Attorneys Office, the Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) The Chicago Police Board, the Chicago City Council, the Illinois Attorney Generals Office, and recently the new Civilian Oversight Ordinance which will allow 3 elected members from each of Chicago’s 22 police districts to have a say in how the Department operates, (let’s hope this system never makes it to the medical field of surgery) nothing more frightening than folks who are not trained in any field of Law Enforcement to have a say in how things should be. Add to all that oversight the scores of media both print and electronic reporting, and the thousands of Police body cameras, not to mention the thousands of cell phone cameras at the ready to record police-involved incidents by local citizens, wow! sometimes I wonder if any living thing could live up to that kind of scrutiny.

Now we have to think hard about the first half of Bobby Kennedy’s quote- is Chicago getting the kind of criminal it DESERVES. Are Chicago’s cops as Alderman Lopez says going TIMID because of the massive scrutiny they are under. In an occupation when milliseconds could mean life or death or situations where instincts demand 100% correctness under extreme duress is all that oversight turning cops into bystanders? Chicago’s streets are filled with violent individuals, who simply will not respond to words or appeals, Chicago’s streets are sprawling with the wounded and murdered, the victims range from babies to seniors and far too many teens to tolerate. I listed the scrutiny the Cops are under, I’m now asking how many agencies are scrutinizing and investigating the Gangs responsible for the violence and mayhem Chicago is experiencing? The gangs have become emboldened. There is no other answer, is CHICAGO in fact getting the kind of CRIMINAL it DESERVES? Bobby Kennedy asked the question in 1964-Alderman Lopez asked another in 2021–Does Chicago have an answer?

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