Chicago's 4th of July Weekend/ Who's to Blame/ Let's Play Point the finger/The Blame Game begins

Chicago's 4th of July Weekend/ Who's to Blame/ Let's Play Point the finger/The Blame Game begins


A wise person once said ” Playing the blame game is stupid and childish. Even if it is someone else’s fault the blame game is wasted time, effort, and energy. It takes you somewhere that’s not going to get you anywhere.”

Chicago’s politicians are off and running (their mouths as usual). What, you say? Come on! Somebody has to be responsible for 113 people being shot and 22 murdered over the holiday weekend. The victims included 3 cops and 2 federal agents shot down in a 3-day period along with several children. Instead of the usual suspects, guns, lack of jobs, Covid -19, Trump, the Federal Government, hell even the State of Indiana usually gets a regular bashing, the FINGER POINTS in another direction. Now they are turning on each other. Chicago’s police superintendent who some critics say couldn’t find an Asian at 22nd and Wentworth (China Town) aimed his FINGER at the Cook County States Attorney, the spectacularly incompetent Kim Foxx, he then turned his flamethrower on the Chief Judge Timothy Evans. “A SCAPEGOAT! A SCAPEGOAT! MY KINGDOM FOR A SCAPEGOAT” RICHARD THE III WOULD HAVE BEEN PROUD.

Of course, it’s frustrating to hear all the babbling about gun control and then see 98% of gun offenders released within 12 hours. Imagine being a cop, going to court in the morning after arresting felony gun offenders, and that afternoon rolling up on the same individuals in the same neighborhoods they were arrested in (smirks all around). Some with 2 and 3 pending arrests awaiting a disposition from a States Attorney that has released gun offenders by the thousands over the last few years. CHICAGO’S COPS CONFISCATED 12,000 GUNS IN 2020 AND THE NUMBER IS FAR MORE THIS YEAR AT THE SAME TIME. Below is just one example, but there are hundreds and hundreds more in Cook County.

Pain is the risk all cops take when we become cops, it’s unavoidable. For the millions of people in the country who avoid the unpleasant realities, life throws at them we have cops who take up the call. Death, violence, terror, mayhem, grief, you name it, cops are front and center. Sharing people’s worst days of their lives is all too common, it never becomes routine and it never does leave when the shift is over. The picture below is a pretty vivid depiction.

Somewhere lost in all the “COVER MY ASS” rhetoric the Politicians are bitch slapping each other over, is the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM which for reasons beyond my comprehension goes unmentioned. READY-IT’S THE FU****G-GANGS FOLKS. It’s kinda on the par of TALKING ABOUT PEARL HARBOR AND NOT MENTIONING THE JAPANESE. Chicago has a Gang war playing out right in front of them every single day and nobody is mentioning them let alone doing something about it. Until the Feckless politicians come to grips with reality I’m afraid the violence will continue unabated. Confused, inept, delusional, clueless, and useless leadership continues to fail a city that is in dire need of help–.

Quit pointing the finger and either lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way. The Gangs are terrorizing a once great City and leaders need to look in the mirror and quit pointing the finger.

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