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Monday morning after Chicago had experienced one of the most violent weekends in decades, Chicago Mayor Lightfoot’s response was “WE ARE SEEING A DOWNWARD TREND IN VIOLENCE WHILE OTHER CITIES ARE EXPERIENCING UPWARD TRENDS.” Unless Lightfoot suddenly became the Mayor of Disney City one would have to think she’s either delusional or as Paul Vallas a past mayoral contender says her lack of honesty is disturbing. So I have decided to post some facts and these numbers are neither delusional nor untrue.

—Edmund Burke the Irish Philosopher and Statesman said a couple of things about 290 years ago that Chicago’s leadership obviously is oblivious to. MY GUESS IT’S ON PURPOSE TO SERVE A PURPOSE, (Cover their ass purpose) if they acknowledge the violence they MIGHT be expected to do something about it. The ostrich theory of keeping their heads buried in the sand seems to be the plan. The thug wars are certainly not a well-kept secret. Although ignorance is not a foreign concept to leaders of Chicago’s City government. In the last 22 days, Chicago has been the scene of unprecedented violence that has barely registered with City leaders.

These are Burke’s words—“ALL TYRANNY NEEDS, TO GAIN A FOOTHOLD, IS FOR PEOPLE OF GOOD CONSCIENCE TO REMAIN SILENT–“THE ONLY THING NECESSARY FOR THE TRIUMPH OF EVIL IS FOR GOOD MEN AND WOMEN TO DO NOTHING” He may as well have delivered those words while at the bottom of Lake Michigan because it fits exactly what’s happening to a city’s leaders that have lost their way.

Imagine being an elected official in a city where 2 young people are pulled out of their cars at a parade and shot to death while their baby is in a car seat in the back, both shot to death while on the ground, or stabbed to death while walking in Chicago’s downtown shopping district, another shot while walking alone on State Street in the middle of the day. A city that has 46 mass shootings in less than a 6 month period, where 3 or more people are shot, leaving 46 wounded and 26 murdered. In the last 5 days, there have been 22 souls murdered and 90 wounded. A startling 22-day toll in June so far of 66 murdered and 352 shot. So far compared to last year, there have been 408 more people shot and we still have 8 more days until July. Think of those words DOWNWARD TREND!

It doesn’t really take a genius to figure how this City has come to this point. New police policy hammered out by folks who know as much about police work as I do brain surgery. Heavy police restraints on CAR chases, no criminal in their right mind stops for the police anymore in Chicago, knowing full well the new policy on car chases, and the new policy’s on FOOT chases, who in their right mind would ever think that cops are no longer allowed to chase even armed suspects who flee on foot if a confrontation is imminent (YIKES) I guess if your not looking for a dance partner don’t chase, suspension or firing is the consequence if the fleeing criminal resists and someone gets injured. Next, we have the police on ” NO STOP and FRISK, a right granted to cops by the United States Supreme Court in 1968 (I guess Chicago seceded from the union) a big victory for the ACLU when the City buckled and agreed to stop them. There are 800,000 Cops in America and every single one would tell you that STOP and FRISK is the most essential tool in stopping shootings and killings by armed thugs, BUT HEY! WHO WANTS AN EXPERT OPINION. Those self-proclaimed same experts have come to the conclusion that there are too many accusations of profiling and arrest numbers leaning more towards minority subjects, regardless of your working in an area that’s 95% minority that’s a no-no-and, a Retired Federal Judge is monitoring every stop, the few there are. Then we have the so-called Criminal Justice system that returns on average 98% of the arrested criminals within 12 hours of arrest, to the neighborhoods they were preying on, either on no bonds or the Infamous Home Monitoring system that is about effective as the honor system of a pack of hungry dogs on a meat truck.

A retired veteran Chicago Police detective Chicago John Laskey said it best in a comment recently when he was addressing an editorial in Chicago’s Sun-Times–“When a community mandates meek police officers they will have embolden criminals. I just read the editorial in the Sun-Times about the proposed foot chase policy and how it’s necessary to remake the police mindset to not chase criminals. Funny how these University educated journalists seem to know so much about police work. Where do they get all that knowledge? (most likely the same place I got all my knowledge on brain surgery) “so sometimes foot chases end up a dangerous occurrence. What do these journalists think would happen when the cops chase thugs known to them who might be or are carrying guns.?

Police work is a very dangerous profession because it deals with very dangerous individuals. The same individuals are violently killing and shooting in record numbers on Chicago’s streets. They do not respond to de-escalation, nice talk, and big smiles, the people that kill and resort to the violence this City is experiencing only react to one thing–Resistance, a greater power dedicated to, a decent society. There is no other compromise. The sooner clueless City leaders realize that the sooner Chicago’s citizens will feel safer. Being angry and showing all that fictitious benevolence, making speeches, and attacking cops when they make mistakes only last until bedtime, the rest of Chicago has to wake up in the middle of the night or the next morning and face the mayhem that surrounds their city—What worries you masters you.

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