COPS/Take a Jump into our World/Paul Harvey When he was Alive/He captured it

COPS/Take a Jump into our World/Paul Harvey When he was Alive/He captured it

I’m not sure there is another profession in the world that is covered more by the press, in movies, television shows, and written about the world over than the law enforcement profession. Monday morning quarterbacks, folks with agendas, and opportunistic politicians are always front and center advising and second-guessing on just how things should have been handled, some from even thousands of miles from the scene. There are 800,000 American Cops in the United States. If half of 1% is of questionable character that means 4,000 potential bad actors combined with accidents and poor judgment and low levels of fear will always take center stage and make for big headlines. Those magic words you are under arrest do not as we have observed in the last few years always convince some folks, and that’s when the proverbial shit hits the fan. As long as we get our Cops from the planet earth this will always be.

One HALF of 1%! think about that number? As Mr. Harvey says it tops even the Clergy. I won’t get into the statistics but trust me the good so far outweighs the bad, I thought I would let you hear for yourself what our world is all about from the Late Paul Harvey. Take a few minutes and listen. Somehow he seemed to capture a very strange and difficult world that we negotiate or have negotiated for many years. No television shows or clever writers, or creative people can truly portray what it’s really like on America’s streets and byways but Paul Harvey comes close.


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