4 Mass Shootings in 10 Days/ 50 people shot on a Monday and Tuesday/ Chicago Needs Help/ Chicago Politicians are desperately seeking Scapegoats

Chicago completely opened up on Friday 11 June. The Covid -19 restrictions are over. Restaurants, bars, etc, have resumed business as usual after a long siege of needed restrictions that lasted more than a year, and of course, Wrigley Field is back to normal with over 35,000 feisty fans in attendance on both Friday and Saturday. Along with the openings, another thing that seems to have also opened up is GUNFIRE.

Since Friday Chicago has experienced an unprecedented run of violence not seen since probably the Capone era. In just 4 days 85 people have been shot and 16 have been murdered. 15 days in June and there have been 251 people shot and 42 murdered so far, add to the mix of 4 mass shootings in a 10 DAY PEROID which produced 32 people shot and 8 souls murdered. At one point 25 folks were shot in a 10-hour time frame. The death toll will surely rise as more were still listed in critical condition.

How the hell do normal thinking people process that kind of information. For me Chicago’s violence has been a sempiternal reality but I can say unequivocally I have never ever seen it reach this level. Just this afternoon a Newspaper reporter asking Chicago’s Mayor Lightfoot for a comment on the mayhem was told by the Mayor that she Truly believes Chicago is a safe City. One has to remember that the mayor has at least 17 full-time bodyguards and almost another 50 more who guard her residents, family, and the block she resides on. So yea, I guess for her Chicago is a SAFE city, as long as one doesn’t visit the Medical examiner’s office and the local hospitals for a wildly different reality.

Two weeks ago Mayor Lightfoot and her hand-picked Police Superintendent held a press conference and presented their plan to reign in Chicago’s annual summer violence. Police were going to this, and that, and also scores of City workers will be involved along with several “Violence Interrupters” spread out to districts that typically endure the most shooting and killings. Here again, I have to confess I have no agenda, but since that press conference 14 days ago over 251 people have been shot and 42 have been murdered, 17 people a day marked for death. On a personal level, I truly believe Custer had a slightly better plan, but really what the hell do I know, I only had 33 years of experience.

At her press conference, today probing reporters asked her if she was satisfied with her fellow Democratic States Attorney Kim Fox’s handling of gun arrests by Chicago’s cops who confiscated over 10,000 guns in 2020 and brought over 6,500 charges against gun offenders in Chicago. She said that State’s Attorney Kim Fox’s office is on record “SAYING THAT CHICAGO POLICE ARE ARRESTING THE WRONG PEOPLE WITH GUNS” saying only that she disagrees with that.–Arresting the wrong people- arresting the wrong people-just imagine that coming from the States Attorney. When Lightfoot was asked what she thought was the problem with all the shootings and killings she took her usual fallback position and blamed the Federal Government for allowing all the guns to flow into Chicago.

In case one does not think politics enters into the picture that question put to her in the past was always answered by blaming former President Donald Trump. Now that Trump is no longer in the White House it’s the Federal Government at fault. I’m not a Trump booster but she also at one time blamed Chicago’s violence on Trump until a reporter pointed out that in 2016 Chicago had set a 20-year record for shootings and murders and fellow Democrat Barack Obama happened to be President then. The search for scapegoats is most certainly underfoot, what or who will be the next one to get tossed under the bus we’ll just have to wait and see. With a tad of imagination, one can just hear the conversation- Mayor to new SCAPEGOAT I’m NOT SAYING IT’S YOUR FAULT. I’M JUST BLAMING YOU.” Chicago’s politicians need to realize the difference between genius and stupidity is genius has its limits. Chicago!! it’s the GANGS—the guns help but human nature is the flaw in the system. The guns are never going away, but it’s imperative to a decent society that thug killers and shooters are put away. long-term solutions are not working for folks living in the short term. HELLO– Stay safe–Hunter Thompson “TOMORROW WE’LL HAVE TO GET SERIOUS”

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