Mass Shootings/Gun Control/Gun Grabbers/ Gun Owners/Clueless Politicians Surrounded by Armed Guards/The screeching Continues

Mass Shootings/Gun Control/Gun Grabbers/ Gun Owners/Clueless Politicians Surrounded by Armed Guards/The screeching Continues

Two more mass shootings in Atlanta and Colorado last-week have yet again set off another fierce round of debate on the availability of guns in the United States. The scale of the challenge of America’s gun problem is a frightening thought. It’s estimated that there are 300 to 350 million guns in the country. At least one gun for every person living in the United States. Just to have a sense of balance, in Japan, they have one gun for every 100 persons. In 2017 they had 3 deaths in the entire country attributed to firearms. They average about 10 gun deaths a year. The Japanese Police officers are armed with Nambu Model 60s which is basically a Smith/Wesson model 37 Revolver. I have no insightful information why but they do.

Approximately 38,000 Americans die each year from gun violence. Every year an average of 100 per day. Nearly every American will know at least one victim of gun violence in their lifetime. More than 1,800 children and teens die by gunfire every year according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention with 3 million children directly exposed to gun violence each year resulting in injury and lasting trauma. Gun access triples suicide risk. The majority of suicides, (51%) involve a gun. Suicides, homicides, police shootings – gun violence takes many forms dictated by who and where you are.

Last year and continuing this year the number of gun-related violence is starting to become more staggering. Some say it’s because of the Covid-19 restrictions, some say it’s the liberal attitude towards gun-related crimes and those who commit them. Without question here in Cook County and Chicago gun offenders and the no bond or low bond issue that releases criminals has definitely not helped the issue in any way. Restorative justice seems to be working well for the criminals but not so much for their victims and others who are in fear of becoming one.

Despite the calls for more gun restrictions and gun control, Americans purchased 23 million guns in the United States last year a slight increase over 2019. There is no question that liberal opposition to guns has been spectacularly ineffective and at times even counterproductive. Millions of Americans do not want to give up their right to legally protect themselves with a firearm because hate-filled and mentally ill individuals are killing them. Indeed the argument that keeps coming back again is always against politicians who are trying to force more and more gun laws on the people and yet they are themselves surrounded by armed guards, some with multiple security.

In Chicago alone, in the last 14 days, 4 Chicago Cops have been wounded and so far this year 20 have come under fire. There have been 2 mass shootings in which 23 people have been shot and 4 murdered. During that 2 week period, 24 souls have been murdered and over 133 have been shot. Since the beginning of 2021, there has been a 65% increase in shootings and a 28% increase in murders over last year at this time. Indeed during this entire year, not one politician came forward demanding action against the gangs and the Justice system that has a revolving door when it comes to criminals committing crimes while armed. More laws and the failure to enforce the laws already there speak to the confidence of people who hear the speeches and the constant babble of more gun laws and more gun laws and no action against those criminals who are arrested. It’s no wonder whenever a politician is extending a hand looking for support for more gun legislation in return all they get back is their hand. I don’t think anyone would disagree that people who execute other human beings whether it be with an automatic rifle or a handgun, the shooter is either mentally unstable and so filled with hate they both are in desperate need of treatment. It’s time we concentrate efforts on mental health issues along with sensible punishment and accountability by those who use guns to commit criminal acts against civilized society.

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