Defund the Police/Then What?/ To Be or Not to Be/A Look Into the Abyss/

There is much more danger than meets the eye being a law enforcement officer most especially in America’s big cities with large populations of communities that have been systemically neglected. There were years in my career working minority communities that during duty hours no matter the shift that I never saw a white face except for the occasional delivery man or another cop. How did that come about? Hour after hour, day after day dealing with poverty, violence, despair, and neglect has its ugly effects. Add to that the fear of being shot, battered, and never returning home is sometimes overwhelming

In the last five years, cop suicides in Chicago alone were the most in the nation. Mental health issues far exceeded cop murders in the line of duty. Humans who serve and protect-cops, nurses, etc.,-usually are the last to cry out for help. Most try to fight the demons themselves in various ways.

Friedrich Nietzche had this to say, “He who fights monsters might take care lest he or she thereby become a monster. If you gaze for long into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.” It’s clear that all monsters are not in human form. The mind has monsters of its own.

There is much danger in being a law enforcement officer. The danger is not only from the obvious. A little something borrowed from the old Rough Rider himself, Teddy Roosevelt — “It’s not the critic who counts or those cold and timid souls who always have the advantage of hindsight and introspection under perfect conditions who are always quick to point out how the person in the arena should have acted.” You’re invited to come and join us and show us how you can do better. The Arena is there for all of you. Beware the arena affords no mercy, sometimes just milliseconds in life and death situations that take months to decide if there were other alternatives

Yea! Police REFORM actually means HUMAN REFORM since all cops come from the HUMAN RACE. Body cameras have proven that cops get it right 98% of the time but the media would go out of business playing that up day after day. So what happens is they play up the 2% of the mistakes in judgment and what you get is sensational headlines across the country with riots and blabbing about how the police screwed up. Police work like all dangerous undertakings involves people with different hierarchies of fear. It cannot be trained or hammered into people. All humans have different levels of anxiety and fear. The early reactors are the ones the media just loves. Also, it’s a big news bonanza if the perpetrator is of a skin color other than the cop. That’s just a juicy news story with thousands of experts opining their expert opinion from sometimes a thousand miles away on how the cop should have reacted.

Also, most times and this is experience talking, by the time the police are called to a place with a person having an episode all the mental help that person was getting has failed. People call the police because those folks become dangerous. Flowery and make nice soft soothing words often do not work with a person wielding a bat, knife or gun. So social workers on a scene with cops are pie in the sky. I was the CPD SWAT C/O for many years and negotiated over 200 disturbed people calls without resorting to violence and not one made the press. The few that did of course were extremely newsworthy. Anytime you hear that crap about DEFUNDING the police beware of the person that is babbling those words. There are in America and all over the world lots of very dangerous and evil people who will constantly prey on a world of humans that are stuck with a stain that is never going away. 98% is a really good percentage. Do not be blinded by bad cops.

I guarantee you there will never be a lack of cops who disgrace and ruin the 98% who are there working and facing those tough situations in the abyss every day. Some give their lives. We need to defund politicians who separate us every chance they get. Chicago is not the violent killing zone it has become because of cops not being trusted. Folks simply do not trust the political system that releases violent criminals within hours to go right back to the community they prey on. They know if they cooperate they will be in GRAVE danger and that ugly fact plays out every day in Chicago. The 13-month body count: 867 murders and over 4, 350 people shot and over 1,700 folks have been violently carjacked. Of those numbers, 3 have involved the police and so far in 2021, 12 police officers have come under gunfire. How many have you heard about? Sensational headlines sell, it’s a fact of life.

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