Advantage Criminals/ When the Clueless Pretend to Become Cops and lawmakers/ Common Sense Be damn'd

Advantage Criminals/ When the Clueless Pretend to Become Cops and lawmakers/ Common Sense Be damn'd


If I learned one thing about being a cop for 33 years it’s that if you make it easy for criminals you get more and more criminal behavior. A few days ago the Governor of Illinois signed a criminal reform bill that was rammed through at 3:30 am by a lame-duck Illinois legislature a few months ago. Very few, if any even bothered to read it. The overwhelming majority of State Prosecutors and law enforcement officers vehemently opposed the bill. Only 2 of 122 States Attorney’s in Illinois endorsed the Bill. One of the biggest outcries was over the no cash bond issue for criminal defendants, which included, rapists, robbery suspects, shooters, and people charged with murder and other major felonies.


Yep! step up and get a court date and see ya later, and off they go through that big swinging door. Indeed, to argue with people who have lost the ability to reason, in this case, the sponsors of that bill, and the Governor who signed it, billionaire J.B Pritzker, is like administering medicine to the dead. Pritzker who was born on 3rd base and actually thinks he hit a triple, told the staged audience when he signed the bill it was to finally bring justice to systemic racism in the criminal justice system.


To most people, it was like listening to Max Plank explain the theory of Quantum Mechanics in Latin. The biggest difference between fiction and reality is FICTION has to make sense. Justice for murderers, rapists, shooters, robbery suspects, and multiple criminal defendants somehow got tossed in with systemic racism. In those 700 plus pages of so-called Justice reform, there is not one mention of the thousands of innocent victims of this so-called reform. I’m going to cover just a few of the Bill’s so-called reforms today, with more to follow later. But try and imagine the common sense of the following contained in the bill.


CRITICAL  SITUATIONS—–There is an active shooter at the local high school. Police arrive and the suspect flees the scene. SWAT and uniform officers catch up to the suspect who is still in possession of his weapons but not actively shooting and forcibly resisting arrest. The shooter is known to the officers and he could be identified and apprehended at a later date even though he just shot several people. Oh well, see ya later, maybe we’ll get ya next time we see you. It may even give the poor victim of systemic racism a chance to reload. The Cuckoo’s nest comes to mind.

CRIMINAL TRESPASS—- You arrive home and notice an unknown person sitting in your backyard. You call 911 and wait for the police to arrive. The police confront the suspect and he or she refuses to leave. The individual CANNOT BE ARRESTED and NO FORCE can be used to make him or her leave the premises only a Non Traffic summons can be issued. Nurse Ratchett will be busy in the future for sure.

OBSTRUCTING —Police are investigating a homicide, a body is on the ground and the area is surrounded by crime scene tape. A person decides to enter the area after being told not to by a uniformed officer assigned to protect the crime scene and continues to walk through the scene and jeopardizes the investigation. This individual would no longer be subjected to an arrest for obstructing a police investigation and force cannot be used to remove the individual from the scene.

DISORDERLY CONDUCT—You own a local store and an individual is causing trouble, The individual is being loud and yelling obscenities at the customers. The police are called and on arrival, they realize he is disturbing the peace of the store and frightening the customers. The suspect will be issued a ticket with a court date within 21 days of the incident and the officers will leave the scene. The person cannot be forcible removed and the store owners and customers are left with the same problem—-



TO ALL OF THE ABOVE EXAMPLES I WOULD JUST LIKE TO ADD —-YOU CANNOT MAKE SHIT LIKE THAT UP—-Criminal Justice reform to correct systemic racism——Most people are not born ignorant but it takes hard work and political ambition to remain stupid. Try and stay safe. There is so much more in this bill it’s almost a dizzying process to absorb it all and try and expose it— God willing I’ll give it a try.



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