Carjackings/How to be safe/ While Illinois, Chicago, and County Politicians Vote to Favor the Soulless Imbeciles Responsible.

Carjackings/How to be safe/ While Illinois, Chicago, and County Politicians Vote to Favor the Soulless Imbeciles Responsible.

We've all heard that old tired expression that "all politics are local"  that was attributed to Tip O'Neil who was then-Speaker of the House of Representatives. Now that President-Elect Biden is taking over the American Presidency most of the country's eyes these days are focused on the Country's leadership. However, for some people no matter who or what party is in power nothing seems to get better in the besieged, breathtaking, dangerous world in which they live and try to survive. Below is the Poster Boy for Social Reform in Chicago. Most of you will not believe it. He's more the norm than the unusual. Attempted Murder, armed robberies, Felony drug distribution, carjackings, stolen motor vehicles,35 arrests and he's only 19 years old. Imagine how many times he wasn't caught. This is their idea of Social Justice Reform. Coming sooner than one thinks. Not a mention of any of his victims.



Last week the Illinois Legislature in a lame DUCK SESSION At 4:30 AM passed a sweeping 800-page CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM BILL, that among other things eliminates cash bail in Illinois for criminals who cannot afford to post cash while awaiting trial. Most critics of the bill are in agreement the only Justice it will serve is JUST-US THE  CRIMINAL, most especially in the crime ravaged Chicago and Cook County, with the shootings and murder rates soaring out of control. Last year the number of armed carjackings reached a record 1,400  with a dismal 55 arrests. So far in just 17 days in January carjackings are triple that of last year at this same time. See the chart below.


I'm enclosing some helpful tips that might keep you as safe as possible if ever confronted by a carjacker. One thing to keep in mind this type of crime has spread rapidly and has reached many of Chicago and Cook County's suburbs.


*At a stoplight DO NOT pull too close to the car in front of you-leave at least a car length between you and the car ahead. This way you will not be boxed in if you have to make a quick get-away.

*Try to stay in the inner lane when on multiple-lane streets so you can jump in oncoming traffics lane if clear to getaway.

*If you are involved in a minor fender bender and more than one person gets out to check damages don't get out of your vehicle. Drive to the nearest police station and explain what happened. If it's a legit crash the police and the other party will understand what you did.

*When at a stop, red light, train crossing, etc beware. Do not pick up your phone to talk, text, or social media, or whatever. Criminals prey on others who are distracted.

*Minimize the amount of time sitting inside a car while parked.

*Some people like to check the internet, social media etc, before entering a home or destination. This is definitely a NO-NO. People are watching most especially in parking lots of stores.

*DO NOT under any circumstances leave your car running, even if you are in possession of the fob. Not even for a second.

*Use the buddy system.

*If you feel like you're being followed call 911 and drive to the nearest police station or flag down a police car.


*Most of all if confronted by an armed individual, do not resist. 99% of the time your car will be recovered.  It's not worth risking your life over.

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While our elected politicians have fixated on the rights of criminals the rest of society has to be aware of the dangers that are soaring each and every day. Over 824 souls murdered in Chicago and 4,250 people shot in 12 1/2 months in a city whose politicians are seemingly oblivious. No outrage, no victim reform bills, no blubbering speeches, no demands for justice. Ask yourself, a Criminal Justice Reform bill who is ultimately going to benefit?  Those clueless imbeciles preying on defenseless communities or innocent people trying to survive on a daily basis. Stay safe...






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