Political corruption cases in Illinois and most especially in Chicago and Cook County are about as common as a cold in January with no intermission in sight.  Federal prisons have been chucked full of Illinois politicians going back at least a hundred years. A few years back we had the distinction of having back-to-back Governors in Crow Bar hotel at the same time.  Some cynics say Chicago Alderman have their own wings reserved in the various Federal prisons around the country. This is not in any way to be construed as cynicism — facts are facts. If we can turn our heads for a few moments and set aside the massive corruption schemes that have ensnared our Local and State politicians and focus on deception and lies we might want to imagine if lying itself, except to the FBI, was an offense, the Hilton Hotel Chain would not have enough room to house them all.



Lying to the public is an Olympic Sport in Illinois and most especiallyy true in Cook County and Chicago, Gold Medals are won almost anytime a politician’s mouth is open. Just yesterday while Cook County States Attorney Kim Foxx was spewing on about her reelection, she unloaded a WHOOPER that would make the Burger King franchise scrambling for a new name. She told her followers that violent crime in Cook County is on the downturn. As she was saying this, I for one envisioned her NOSE EXTENDING ALL THE WAY TO EVANSTON.  Even Pinocchio would have been envious. Not one media outlet even blinked. After all, who are you to believe, your eyes, ears, the facts featured above, or Kim Foxx?



It’s not my attention to scare the hell out of anyone but the facts as dismal as they are have a right to reach sunlight and throwing shade on deception is the right thing.  The photo above is a headline recently in the Chicago Sun-Times. They do not lie. Cook County is headed for 900 homicides. The most in decades. Chicago alone has had 675 murders so far this year, 258 more than last year. Add to that 3,600 people shot, more than 1,555 more than last year. There have been 788 armed carjackings the most recorded in the city’s history,  with the Cook County numbers soaring past that number. Less than 45 offenders have been arrested and prosecuted. Her performance has been less than dismal when it comes to charging and prosecuting criminals who commit these crimes while armed. Time and time again gun offenders are released or put on probation. Home confinement has a new meaning in Cook County, it MEANS THE PLANET EARTH. BELOW I HAVE PROVIDED JUST A FEW EXAMPLES OF THE REALITY IN COOK COUNTY.




Her performance as a prosecutor has been consistently called into question, most people this morning are in shock that somehow she got elected to another 4-year term. Yet the people of Cook County seem to have said THANK YOU, MA’AM.  MAY WE HAVE ANOTHER 4 YEARS OF MAYHEM?  Hundreds of gun offenders, shooters, and killers turned back out into the very neighborhoods they were terrorizing, some multiple times. If I listed them all I would need an entire library. I can only think that the electorate in Cook County somehow got suckered or a mass brainwashing somehow took hold. In its very basic form, criminal acts and bad behavior should be punished.  To allow it to continue is just inviting more of it which can be clearly seen and felt in Cook County. It’s the VERY REASON A CIVILIZED SOCIETY HAS LAWS AND GUIDELINES AND STANDARDS OF DECENCY TO DETER AND HOLD CRIMINALS  RESPONSIBLE AND ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS. Kim Foxx alone is most certainly not alone in what’s happening when it comes to soaring out of control mayhem but at least Mayor Lightfoot and other City leaders have chosen to say nothing which of course means being silent is better than being exposed as a fool. Facts are hard to dodge but so far S/A Foxx has been an artful dodger.



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