Is Chicago a Distracted City?/ Bulletproof Back packs for Children/ A Chilling Wakeup/ The snooze Button wins again.

Is Chicago a Distracted City?/ Bulletproof Back packs for Children/ A Chilling Wakeup/ The snooze Button wins again.

Look at those faces accompanying this post and just below. Nobody deserves or should die a violent death in a civilized society. Yet in Chicago, so far this year over 4 dozen children have been slaughtered by Chicago’s gang thugs.   The horrendous figures are indeed difficult to unpack, 582 souls murdered, and over 3,121 more wounded. One would think that the entire City would be focused on those startling numbers.


However, the focus and the headlines are about some controversial shooting that took place over 300 miles away from Chicago many months ago. Suddenly thousands of legal experts who never heard a shred of evidence are more expert in the rules of law and evidence than a Grand Jury. What the hell does a Grand Jury know? Let’s take to the streets and let it be known how we stand, after all, we know what really took place.  Justice for Breonna Taylor, never mind the law. We are a mob, loud, threatening, and sopping up all the publicity there is to go around.


Just in case that wasn’t getting enough attention here comes the “CENSUS COWBOY” hired by Mayor Lightfoot to pump up the Census numbers in Chicago. He’s now known as the DREADHEAD COWBOY. Here he is a convicted felon who decides a little publicity for himself was just what the doctor ordered. His stunt was to make a dash during rush hour on Chicago’s busiest expressway on his horse. The mad dash amid utter chaos caused traffic to come to a complete halt while State and Local Police chased him down and arrested him on several charges including felony cruelty to an animal. His horse is not expected to survive. One veterinarian stated that his indifference to his horse was on a par of forcing and 80-year-old human to sprint 8 miles full speed.

Are these much-needed distractions for Chicago’s leaders, a Clown act on an expressway, and a controversial verdict 300 miles away? Oh, by the way, the Clown act by the Dreadhead Cowboy was immediately denounced by his creator,  Mayor Lightfoot who somehow managed to find about 10 gallons of vinegar to pour on the Cowboy.  Bla Bla, how could this be my fault? Soon no doubt she will understand how many people in the world love animals.


Regardless of how one looks at the situation, they both got the media’s full attention and not one scintilla of a mention of the slaughter on Chicago’s streets. It makes one seriously wonder if Chicago hasn’t completely gone off the rails. Last week John Kass of the Chicago Tribune reported that there was a move afoot to purchase bulletproof backpacks for Chicago’s schoolchildren.  The initiative being undertaken by a group of violence interrupters, a beleaguered overworked group of folks who are out in the neighborhoods attempting to make sense of the violence and trying to interact with the gang thugs.  The photo below will most likely startle anyone who has an ounce of decency, children actively learning how to juggle bulletproof backpacks in order not to be killed. If you tell your friends and people who are not from Chicago you may want to show them these photos, they may be skeptical that an American City would actually resort to that.



The violence numbers are more than horrendous in themselves but remember these words while being distracted by Clown acts and isolated incidents that happen hundreds of miles away from Chicago’s percolating and exploding mayhem. Words that the City’s politicians have ignored while most likely ecstatic at the welcome DISTRACTIONS. After John Kass woke us to the bulletproof backpacks how much more did we hear of them? These are the words that Chicago’s leaders need to pay attention too. ALL THAT IS NECESSARY FOR THE TRIUMPH OF EVIL IS FOR GOOD MEN AND WOMEN TO DO NOTHING.”

Chicago needs to quit being distracted by fools and clowns and look at what’s taking place in their own City. Look to the faces of those children already taken and those who they leave behind. Good men and women are indeed doing nothing and the local politicians are thankful. Talk is cheap and loyalty is an expensive commodity, don’t expect it from cheap politicians who continue to keep talking and spinning. An entire City is dizzy.


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