Ever since the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin we have witnessed multiple protests that have gone beyond the rioting and looting that American cities have endured whenever a white police officer shoots a Black person. At least 15 to 20 professional sports teams have refused to take the field in protest. All this before even the slightest investigation reveals any of the facts of the incident. The Mayor of Chicago immediately tweets, “YESTERDAY IN WISCONSIN A POLICE OFFICER SHOT JACOB BLAKE, AN UNARMED BLACKMAN, A FATHER, 7 TIMES IN THE BACK. I AM DEEPLY DISTURBED BY THE VIDEO CAPTURING PART OF THE INCIDENT. I URGE CRIMINAL AND CIVIL AUTHORITIES TO PURSUE A THOROUGH INVESTIGATION OF THE SHOOTING.”



First off it was a bit surprising to many Chicagoans that the Mayor of Chicago would comment on a shooting in another city when her own city just passed 502 murders for the year and which has already endured over 2,700 people wounded. Hell, some were even hard-pressed to remember her even mentioning this in any TWEET about her own city, let alone calling for an immediate investigation. Does the word DISTRACTION maybe come to mind? You know the old look over there, not here strategy she seems to have perfected. Now Mayor Lightfoot is a lawyer and you would think a lawyer would withhold judgment before all the facts were known.



Now a few days after the shooting the Wisconson Department of Justice who is investigating the shooting has released information that YES INDEED Mr. Blake was armed with a knife when the incident happened. A knife in case anyone disagrees is a DEADLY WEAPON. So far the Mayor has not responded to this egregious lapse in judgment. Which again is no surprise to lots of folks.


Adding to all of this, of course, is some of  Chicago’s athletes have decided to speak out.  One player decided to not play while the rest of the team took the field, nothing wrong with that of course his choice. Yet another who recently pitched a no-hitter suddenly became a social justice expert and could be heard and seen before every camera that could fit him in, warning America about GETTING IT RIGHT OR SOME OTHER PROFOUND MUMBLING. Well! nothing wrong with that either his choice also. What is bothering me and a host of others is that both of these players have been with Chicago teams for the last two years at least. In those last two years, 1,021 souls have been murdered in Chicago and over 5,000 have been wounded. It begs the question of where the hell have they been?  One shooting in Kenosha as opposed to Chicago’s thousands shot. Hundreds and hundreds of teenagers, babies, toddlers, and seniors, no parts of the City have been spared the horrific violence in a city they play in. Why Kenosha, why indeed. Lots of folks would like an answer.




To add to all the turmoil in Kenosha several armed Militia turned up with the excuse they were going to guard the city against looters and rioters. One of the so-called Militia was a 17-year-old armed with an AR-15 one of the world’s most deadly weapons. There he was for all the world to see with his trusted AR-15 at the ready. Since Wisconsin is an OPEN CARRY State he seemed to just get passing glances from the Kenosha Police as they seemed to pass him by without notice. The problem was it appeared to embolden him and sure enough, he is charged with killing two individuals that he somehow encountered while he was stalking the streets of Kenosha. I’m not in the habit of criticizing cops and seconding guessing from a thousand miles away and gambling with somebody else’s life. Keyboard and Facebook experts are plentiful enough.



However, during all the rioting and looting, a curfew was in effect, the shooter was 17 years of age. Any Department who would let armed Militia men wander their streets without at least a stop or a hey YOU! has some serious questions to answer. Two people are dead —  stalking armed gunmen are not protecting property, they are not law officers, they are not trained in the law itself, they do not know arrest search and seizure and they have no powers of arrest. Why were they allowed to roam and stalk those streets?


My vision of seeing those photos was of Marines on a stalking patrol. Kenosha’s leadership needs to answer some serious questions. The problem is who is going to ask them, and will they be asked. This will not be the first time this happens. Armed Militia or Vigilanties do NOT belong on AMERICA’S streets. It’s not law and order, it’s more disorder, as Kenosha has shown us the ugly side of people who think taking the law in their own hands is a good idea.



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